All throughout the campaign Trump mouthed a populist message and now he is on track to have the wealthiest administration in history. And remember how he blathered on about how much smarter he is than the military’s hapless generals? Ha ha – Yup, his top two national security picks – National Security Advisor and the Secretary of Defense – are generals; one of whom, James Mattis, the Secretary of Defense to be, will require a special Congressional wink and a nod to get through the process because it’s against the law for retired military flag officers to be the Secretary of Defense within seven years of retirement. Mattis has only been retired for four years. Kind of defeats the purpose of having civilian oversight of our military, no?



4 thoughts on “Oh how stupid are we?!

  1. Trump is in for a rude awakening one day but the problem is that he is so used to having his way that I am afraid when he doesn’t get it this time, we as American’s will be on the other end of his stick!


  2. What I have heard about Flynn indicates that he is the last person who should be giving security advice to somebody already inclined to Manichean attitudes. Mattis seems to be a gruff but competent general, the only DT choice so far who might possibly be appropriate for the chosen job. Will Congress have a thoughtful debate on whether to waive the 7 yr rule in this case? Nah. Asking whether Congress will have a thoughtful debate is like asking whether pigs will fly.



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