So, about this Snapchat thing… Yeah, it really is a thing it seems

A while back I wrote a brief post asking if anyone was using Snapchat as part of their marketing platform. I got a few responses… I checked the app out… I didn’t get it at all… And then I forgot about it.

Well, it appears the app is making it harder and harder for us to forget it according to this NYT article.

  • Snapchat is worth $30 B-b-b-billion dollars
  • It’s larger than Twitter
  • Facebook and others are desperately trying to emulate its appeal

So, about this Snapchat thingy…

Anyone have anything new to share about it re: social marketing platform?

15 Replies to “So, about this Snapchat thing… Yeah, it really is a thing it seems”

    1. Well, that’s what I am wondering… if anyone has been successful at marketing their ware through Snapchat. I spent a lot of time trying to build a following on twitter to limited success. I’m a bit wary about starting anew on a platform that doesn’t seem very appealing to marking.

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  1. I got it as a joke thing at work, we send each other snaps when we need a break or are trying to make one another laugh when things are tense or too quiet. I use it from time to time, but I don’t see how it would be good for marketing. Once you send a snap the receiver only sees it once, and then it’s gone.

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  2. It’s the younger generation who are on it (13-18 ish?). First it was Instagram, to get away from their parents who were on Facebook. Then too many adults got on Instagram, so now they’ve all moved to Snapchat. The teens seem to need a place of their own, which I guess is no surprise, Didn’t we all, at that time in our lives? I’m sure there’s a way a YA novelist could use it to market, but it would take some fine tuning…and I wouldn’t think any other genres would benefit greatly-but then again, I’m not on it. (My 13 year old is.)

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    1. Yeah, the article says it uses a tradition TV advertising model. I guess advertising youth specific genres probably is about the use for it. I can’t imagine trying to market a book directly from it a la twitter or facebook.

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