5 Replies to “A Question to Kurt”

  1. Never been a Trump supporter and I find it hard to believe the question has to be asked about what would make any Trump non-supporter uneasy about his presidency; however, since you’ve asked it I have no idea where to begin since I’ve been posting about it for so long here. >> https://kurtbrindley.com/?s=so+here%27s+my+conundrum.

    The question I have to ask is – how can any rational, even moderately compassionate person not feel uneasy about a Trump presidency?


  2. Sometimes you need an alarm clock.
    Sometimes it rings four years.
    So you have a long time to stand up and to fight for democratic values, and to improve it!
    Good luckπŸ˜‰πŸ‘βœŒπŸ»οΈπŸƒ


  3. First in full disclosure, I am not a supporter but I am not fearful of the presidency. I think that if you look at our country this could be exactly what is needed in order to wake some people up and get involved. The last eight years allowed individuals to be complacent in what they expected to happen. Now if you want things to get better and want to see things have at least an equal chance of success you cannot let your voice die.

    I also know that the people around Trump are somewhat radical but Trump himself just talks big but is a centrist person. He is going to put on a show but his policy is going to be right of center because that is who he is fundamentally. Has everyone forgotten he was a Clinton supporter up until the last eight years. Also, pay close attention to who he is putting in office they are people who have criticized the system for the last eight years and loyalists. They will do what Trump says even if it doesn’t agree with what they want to do.

    I wish Obama would let the show start early because this administration will be riddled with controversy from within and there will be no excuses for decisions made and outcomes. I predict democrats will regain the senate in 2018 and the house shortly thereafter because people will get frustrated that policies that are being enacted will affect them more than they anticipated.


    1. I’ve been trying, thus far unsuccessfully, to get over the fact that so many millions of Americans were witness to Trump’s race and hate baiting language and his humiliating and embarrassing behavior to those with disabilities and his trumpeting of his potentially sexually assaulting celebrity-status conquests… and still gleefully and proudly support him.

      I am less fearful of what’s to come than I am shameful for what is…

      I tried to find it but as yet nothing to me justifies supporting or especially normalizing him.

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