It appears my instinctive desire to blame Italy’s (and all other present and future global ills) on Trump may be on the mark. I forgot all about the comedian Beppe Grillo and his near-decade-long populist movement. Seems as if he may be able to ride Trump’s populist wave into power.

At least he has better/bigger hair.



7 thoughts on “It appears my instinctive desire to blame Italy’s…

  1. I don’t think you can blame trump for Italy’s problems. Europe has always had issues with populist movements, fascist and extreme nationalist. In Europe that is just more common. Probably because our history. This rise of populist has been going on for a while in Europe. The wave of refugees and now mass immigration and the lack of action from our governments is giving fuel to these movements. I see the same in my country.

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    1. Well, having issues with populists movements and having populists movements assume power are two different things. If, like I said in the post, the populist candidate in Italy is able to come to power, it will probably because he is riding Trump’s wave. Ergo… #blametrump. Perhaps we should also add… #blamebrexit. :)

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      1. Yeah, probably a lot of parties, see Trumps victory as a good thing for them. They are taking advantage of peoples fears and want to milk that out.
        People have become desperate and when people are desperate they are willing make a deal, even with the devil.



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