Anyone have any interesting political posts to read? Thoughts on Trump – pro/con? Thoughts on global politics? Post links in the comments or submit the complete post here. Tired of reading my own whinings…


13 thoughts on “Anyone have any interesting political posts to read…

    1. Good post. Honorable intentions. Keep us posted on the volunteer work. I will say a couple things in response: I don’t get the whole “blame the media” thing. And I don’t blame “the system.” Only I am responsible for my vote – not the media; not the system. I personally like the media – both old and new. I like both objective and subjective reporting. I like to be challenged and I like to have my own beliefs confirmed. I’m not sure what you or anyone else wants from the media. It’s not their fault if you or anyone else is swayed by what they put out. If you don’t like what’s being reported, go some where else that more suits your needs/desires.. And as for “the system.” Yes, we’ve allowed it to become a monster – but that’s our fault. We also have the ability to enable to perform to its potential. But other than those thoughts/responses to your post, I really appreciate the overall message. Thanks for sharing it. I enjoyed the read, Stephen.

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      1. Fair enough. The real heart of the message I intended was that supporting one side doesn’t mean you have to despise the other. We forget that far too quickly every four years. That, and gloating or groaning on social media doesn’t impact anything significant. I agree with you: we have the ability to change the system. That’s why I’m working from the ground up, and that’s why I wanted to encourage others: to show that elections aren’t the only way to evoke change.


        1. Well, I will say that I despise the fact that so many people saw and heard all the racist and violence-inspiring BS from Trump and still, not just voted for him, but voraciously supported him. So, in that regard I am having a very hard time getting over this election and, as you may have noticed, I will use social media and this site to voice my displeasure and keep finely tuned into anything Trump does and if it even slightly bends the political needle toward fascism then I will be all over it.


    1. Good read. A bit too much to the left for my flavor but I like the passion. Again, I pretty much have the same response as to Stephen’s re: the media. You talk about a media blackout re: the pipeline protests. How so? Every time I fire up the web I see a new story about it in my feed. You search wordpress you’ll find many o’ bloggers discussing it. I get private messages of video and live streams from the protest. I just don’t get the critique about the media – especially from someone who has his or her wits about him or her.

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      1. By the media. I am referring to the big corporate news. Forgive me for not being more clear. There is plenty of media, but big corporate media was not in on the party until very late into the ballgame. Despite that, the protests grew and grew.


        1. Yeah, I knew what you were referring to. It seems to me that by expecting them to cover events a certain way that you give them more power and influence than they have or deserve. Like you said, even without big media the protests grew. Anyway, good stuff, brother.

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