Another National Security Cabinet Pick…

Another dumb general

I think I may have this figured out…

The generals must really be dumb because during the campaign, Trump said something to the effect that he knows more about military stuff than the generals, right?


He probably really believes that because, well, he’s a lying (even to himself) narcissistic megalomaniac. Right?


And, in order for a lying narcissistic megalomaniac to fully self-actualize, he must have a horde of sychophants licking at his heels and telling him how beautiful and brilliant he is on a regular basis. Right?


So, since he believes “there is no one bigger or better at the military than [he is],” of course he is going to have a bunch of dumb generals around him to make him feel smart, thereby validating his belief that he is smart, thereby allowing him to fully self-actualize. Right?