Because I proudly worked in the Intelligence Community for nearly thirty years before catching a nasty cold called leukemia, out of a sense of duty and obligation I rarely discuss publicly matters that involve it.

However, because of my complete and utter disdain for Trump’s ascendency to the presidency, from the very beginning of his campaign to this very moment, it is hard for me to remain silent as he, to serve only his self-interests, politicizes the national security of the country he’s been voted in to protect by dismissing assessed serious acts of aggression by a foreign power and, while doing so, denigrates and shows a complete lack of understanding and respect for a community I know to be amassed with good, honest folk who want nothing more than to serve their country honorably in their humble efforts to keep it safe.

Because of Trump and his self-serving interests, we are a less secure, more vulnerable nation.

Even before taking office, Trump has failed us as Commander-in-Chief of the United States.



14 thoughts on “Silence is Consent

  1. Thanks for this post and all your recent “politics” posts, which I have been following closely. I seem to have lost my “voice” in recent weeks, and I have not been able to write on my own page—my anger over this new, strange “America” has reduced me to a state of apoplexy. All I can do is click “like” on your posts and those of other blogs whose thoughts I respect and relate to. Don’t stop! The Struggle continues….

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    1. The current state of affairs is affecting me as well. I just this morning mentioned to my son that I’m sure there will soon be a new mental health diagnosis that will be attributable to Trump. I haven’t been able to write creatively for some time now as all I can focus on is the fate of “America.” I like how you put it in quotes. I, too, will do that until things change for the better.

      I really appreciate your kind, encouraging comments, Jackie. Thank you.

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  2. I am so fearful of our future as a country but also on a global scale. If we start pumping emissions out and ignoring the science that is truly out there then the world will be hurling towards disastrous times at a greater rate than imagined. Narcissism isn’t pretty. All this country has done has boosted his ridiculously high self opinion and ego and I fear he could be unstoppable. And easily goaded. My husband and I both are dual citizens and we may retreat back to the Great White North. Its hard to consider than when we both worked hard to become American and we have been proud of that.

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    1. Nothing makes me more honored and proud as an American than to meet another American who has become one by choice instead by chance like me. Please stay and fight for what you’ve earned and what I hope you still believe in, my friend and compatriot.

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      1. We are staying and we are following the news closely. The nepotism with his kids scares me. My Canadian friends are screaming for us to come home but we have worked for close to 20 years to call America home. i want to help make this country as great as it can be, not great like it was 30 or 40 years ago.

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  3. Until we get rid of the T’ster I have been calling the new America “Trumperica” – what he’s setting up bears no resemblance to America as we knew it. Here’s the latest petition I signed – I encourage others to do so as well – If you agree that the electors should be briefed on the CIA’s info on Russian interference in the election, please sign:

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