….provided one enjoys the smell of BS.

I mean, I love the fact that Melania Trump is in court today to attend a scheduling hearing for a defamation case to challenge the claim that she worked as a prostitute prior to her eventual gig as First “Lady.”

But, that’s not the hypocritical point I want you to smell; in fact, it’s not hypocritical at all as one would expect one like The Donald to associate regularly with working women within the so called oldest profession.

No, the hypocrisy I’m smelling is the old news which is resurfacing again today because of the court case about how Trump could blather on for so long during the campaign with all his racist and violence-inspiring BS about illegal immigration, and the whole time never addressing the fact that his defamed wife was an illegal immigrant around the time it was claimed (and later retracted) that she was a girl who could be called upon.

So that was fun, the whole hypocrisy as a nasty smell metaphor thing…

Speaking of fun. It’s going to be hilarious to watch live from the White House The Donald and Kanye reality show as it evolves over the next four years.

I wonder what real reality show it will be most like…

And I wonder how Steve Bannon and the rest of the Alt-Right goons will contort themselves into accepting Kanye into their klan…


*and afternoon, and evening, and… hell, let’s just say from dusk ’til dawn


2 thoughts on “Ah, nothing like the smell of Trump and his supporters’ hypocrisy in the morning*…


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