This isn’t the first time we discussed here about Trump being a Useful Idiot because Michael Hayden isn’t the first former CIA Director to call him one.

And if you are in support of Trump, The Useful Idiot AKA president-elect, then you, too, are a person “perceived as [a] propagandist for a [Russian] cause whose goals [you] are not fully aware of, and [is being] used cynically by the leaders of the cause, [specifically, Putin].”

Look, I personally, am not calling for a recount, or for an Electoral Vote surprise; I want a peaceful transition of power from Obama’s administration to Trump’s.

But what I do want, and what I am calling for, is accountability.

There is no doubt in my mind that Russia, at Putin’s dictate, interfered in our election. There is no doubt in my mind he did it to undermine the confidence in our electoral process which would undermine our ability as a nation to hold other nations, specifically Russia, accountable for their less that democratic practices.

Trump, by completely dismissing at hand the Intelligence Community’s assessment that Russia tried to influence our election puts our nation and our way of life at risk.

You supporting Trump in this effort by trying to apologize for his actions of apologizing for Russian’s actions, are putting our nation and our way of life at risk.

That is what I want accountability for.


Speaking of idiots…

Rodrigo Duterte, the drug-addled leader of the Philippines and one who happily takes pride in the fact that he has killed people and enjoys doing so, also enjoys comparing his megalomaniacal self with our very own soon-to-be megalomaniacal president.

Idiots, the both of them…useful and/or otherwise.

And, no, those of you not knowing the subtleties* between one of Asian decent versus one of Southeast Asian decent, Duterte is not Chinese; though he does consider China “the kindest of all souls.”



*Yes, that is sarcasm


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