Fire up them Nuclear Power plants, boys*, and begin processing that weapons-grade uranium** — we’re goin’ nuclear.

Back to the future, it seems.

Because it seems, after Putin flexed his shirtless muscles and talked tough about being tougher than us, of course our race-baiting, violence-inspiring, etcetera, etceteta, megalomaniacal president-elect/Dictator-in-waiting has to respond in kind (if he is try to top what Putin said, would that be “respond in kinder,” (respond in more kind?”).

Anyway, I’m not sure but I think I liked Trump better*** when regarding him as Putin’s puppet.

You know, I’m the first to admit that I often dabble in the dark art of hyperbole here, but the more I think about it, and by “it” I mean you know who — and if you take a look at my blog stream it’s pretty evident I’ve been thinking about “it” a lot (too much) lately…

But the more I think about it the more convinced I am that Trump truly wants to turn the United States into a Putinesque autocracy.

I mean, what better gift to give (to himself), to a hyper elite who has everything than his very own country?

And by “own” I don’t mean plutocracy or oligarchy or any other odd-sounding undemocratically damning political systems, I mean “own” as in his and his alone.

And we’re talking not just any country, not some two-bit Second World almost ran country like Putin’s (note, I did not say Russia) — we’re talking a country founded on the very principles that oppose people like Trump… a country that found him his aristocratic ilk to be so revolting that they decided to revolutionize the place through revolution (like how I did that just now?).

Seriously, I think Trump sees what Putin did with Russian — i.e.****, make it his own — and, like the lifelong spoiled little megalomaniacal, HIGH MACH brat that he is and who will do anything to anyone that needs to be done to have his way, says to himself …

I want my own country, too.

And now he has one.



*Usually I would be cheeky here and say “boys” would be “non-gender specific; however, I’m 99.9% sure based on hisstory, that the Nuclear Power industry is pretty much run by, at least, a 99.9% all-boys club

**Or is it plutonium? I’m never sure which everlasting death-inducing nuclear power by-product works best for nuclear grade weapons.

***And since, as far as I know, zero times anything still equals zero, by better I mean not at all.

****Or is it “e.g.”? Like uranium v. plutonium, I’ll never get the difference between the two straightened out…



10 thoughts on “Have Yourself a Merry Nuclear Holocaust Christmas

  1. Well weapons is one thing–nuclear waste and domestic nuclear production is another altogether. But don’t fret, even though WIPP is collapsing, Hanford is a death trap and radioactive materials are leaking from a grossly negligent nuclear power plant into the Hudson River–Trump is on top of that! He’s appointed Perry to the DOE (a cabinet position so forgettable that Perry himself promoted closing it down, even if he couldn’t remember its name.) So our domestic safety from the nuclear industry is protected by a guy who at least looks smart in his new eyeglasses. (Can you say Fukushima?)

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  2. Yup, it’s one thing that T has major fantasies about how he’ll get off pressing that button and showing everybody he’s boss.., it’s a whole nuther thing dealing with nuclear waste!!! It does not go away!! What a legacy he’ll leave us!!

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  3. E.g. vs. i.e. The abbreviation e.g.—short for the Latin phrase exempli gratia—means for example. It is different from i.e.—short for the Latin id est—which means that is, namely, or in other words. The two are sometimes mixed up, but other than being abbreviations of Latin phrases, they share no common ground.Oct 18, 2012
    E.g. vs. i.e. – Grammarist

    Did this help? It’s almost off-topic, isn’t it?

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  4. Sadly, we live in ND and MT, where many ” decommissioned” silos exist… and have Russian missiles targeted to. Hwy 200 is desolate but it’s the best route for us from here to there and we do worry that if missiles are fired they will be fired at us. In a messed up way, I appreciate that they are targeted at rural, less populated areas, but those areas are where we choose to live. Damnit.
    Trump is a spoiled narcissist of a brat who is easily provoked and quick to blame. I hope his people will reign him in. Yeah, we can go back to Canada but it’s not like a nuclear fallout will respect the 49th.

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