When it comes to bestowing praise and kindness upon murderous tyrant thugs, President-elect Trump has no equal…

Look, we all know how much Trump admires that Tyrant of Tyrants, Putin and how industrious he, Trump, has been at licking his, Putin’s, boots squeaky clean; so there is no point in detailing all his, Trump’s, sycophantic quotes toward him, Putin.

But we will share his latest жопа*-kissing response expressing his admiration for Putin’s own humble benevolence toward the United States in not reciprocating in its response toward Russia’s attack on its sovereignty in an effect effort to undermine the US election process… huh? Anyway…


And not only did Trump tweet that garbage, he pinned that garbage of a tweet to the top of his twitter feed of garbage just to make sure his tyrannical idol Putin could see it.

And Putin did see it, of course.

Because after he did, the creepy dictatorial Putin v. Trump bromance got even creepier when Putin had Trump’s garbage of a tweet retweeted.

Double ugh!!

But then, to gross things out completely, Trump, The Benevolent went on to spread his benevolence of BS upon us, his dum ‘Murican subjects, by announcing that he will allow the Intelligence Community to bow down before him with their much-ridiculed, but only by him, interpretation of Russia’s hacking/attack on our sovereignty.

“…in the interest of our country and its great people, I will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation.”

Whisky?! Tango?! Foxtrot?! Over!

Can someone please put an end to the First Leading Member of the First World Country Club of Democracy & Justice’s hyper decent into becoming the Second Leading Member — with Russia, formerly known by its founding name of the Soviet Union, being the First Leading Member, of course — of the Second World Country Club of Tyranny and Oppression?


*Russian word for “ass.”


7 thoughts on “Trump, The Benevolent

  1. Trump is Trump. The people who voted him into office must have been deaf and blind to his words while he was running. It was so evident where his so-called loyalties lay. Any of the voters who were alive during WW11 evidently forgot the rhetoric and bigotry of Hitler. I never believed that the American people would elect a dictator, but, sadly, that is what has happened. God save us all.


  2. I think that the US needs to be carefull with trusting Russia. Reason why we say “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” is that you must know as much as possible about your enemy. Their every move, their strategies and basically what they are thinking. You must be prepared, in case they attack. You must also know when they are weak and vulnerable, so you can know when to close in on them. Not to become careless and have blind faith.


  3. Trump must have a special interest in Russia. He is not even President yet and I cannot stand listening to him. This is the first time I will not watch an inauguration. This guy makes me ill. *Whiskey*Tango*Foxtrott (brilliant).



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