This dude has some serious issues…


Usually I categorize Trump posts under “Politics” but from now on they’re going under “Mental Health**.”



*Trademark pending
**We need to get a spark back to the Relating to Humans feature, especially for Trump-related Political and Mental Health Issues.


11 thoughts on “2017: #TRUMPOCALYPSE*

  1. There are many things one can buy, but you cannot buy class or style. No matter how hard you try. It shines through, doesn’t it? I shook my head in disbelief. I think I am going to buy me a neck brace, just in case. There will be a lot of head shaking in the years to come.


    1. nonsmokingladybug! I had to giggle first because you are soooo right about the class thing and the man has not an ounce. I don’t know how his woman does it unless she is just like him underneath all of her outside parts. To think of it honestly gives me the heebee jeebies! But we must remember that this man is in the position today that he has been given because “he borrowed a million dollars from his father to get his start in life”. I truly wonder how smart this man really isn’t because he did have to file bankruptcy recently, correct? If I could have borrowed a cool mil from my father to get started in life, I surely would have done very well but then I’m an accountant.??? oops he does know how to work a calculator.
      You know, I was wondering when he was opening his mouth during the debates, how long it was going to take people to read between the unremarkable way he said he was going to fix things. That is something that we know, simply never happens.
      Thanks for letting me say something about how I am feeling about this very scary fraud. Did you know that he likes Putin because he said Putin liked him?? Pretty sure that was the conversation? Was anyone really impressed with that little “trump card”? Have a great day.

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      1. Don’t get me started. I wrote about (and against him) since a year and the election result still seems surreal to me. How could we as a nation sink that low?

        You know, there is a reason why he doesn’t show his tax returns. I assume he is not as rich as he says he is and I am certain that he is in “bed” with a few countries that we wouldn’t approve of.

        As for his New Years tweed, it’s almost comical. As I said, no class and no style…none.

        Happy New Year!

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