I was going to share that classic Alice in Chains song “Rooster” in honor of, you know, it being “The Year of the Rooster” and all that…

However, not being an AIC fan and never knowing what that song is all about, I watched the official video for the first time and, despite my sour mood about the sour action’s of our bitterly sour president-elect/Putin’s-biggest-fanboy, I found it is a bit too sour for my hopeful hope for a sweet beginning to the year.

So, due to the sourness of that AIC video, to honor this Year’s Chinese Zodiac Animal, I offer you this one in its stead…

Happy New Year.

I hope your 2017 is all you make it to be.



4 thoughts on “Here Comes the Rooster

  1. We briefly had a rooster for a neighbor until zoning caught up with him. Our city only allows for girl chickens. He was loud and weird sounding, like some of these guys! Thanks for reminding me. I thought he was hilarious, but probably not so fun for people who didn’t want to wake up at dawn.

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