Here is what Bill Pruit, a former producer of the show back during its early yearS, had to say about its current Executive Producer/President-Elect/Putin Fanboy Donald Trump of whom he regards as a buffoon:

The Apprentice’ was a scam put forth to the public in exchange for ratings,” he said. “We were ‘entertaining’ and the story about Donald Trump and his stature fell into some bizarre public record as ‘truth.’”

“We are masterful storytellers and we did our jobs well,” added Pruitt, who has worked in reality television for more than a decade. “What’s shocking to me is how quickly and decisively the world bought it.

I have no idea who Pruitt is; never heard of him before until I did a search on the new show; and I could care less what his motivations are…

I like the way he thinks.

But it doesn’t matter because the more we write about Trump and his buffoon-ness and and his dum show and how much of a scam he and it and everything about him and it is… the more money he will make because of it.

Because if there has been anyone who understands the old saw of “there is no such thing as bad press,” it’s The Donald, the epitome of bad press.




8 thoughts on “The New Celebrity Apprentice Is On…

  1. You know, I don’t thin Trump is a buffoon at all. My sister lives near Chicago, and she tells me of how he focussed on the discontent in that part of the US, something which Clinton ignored.
    I think he is immensely shrewd and, like Clinton, immensely unlikable

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      1. I will read it again,

        Well, even if he is a buffoon, he had some good advisors during his campaign. I must confess that I am shocked he won. Your electoral system is a mystery to me. I am not saying it is a bad system, just that I don’t understand it

        He seems like a crazy man, and i hope he can be restrained

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  2. It is the will to believe, the final surrender of conscience and rationality to the Leader. Tyranny takes hold, not when the Great Leader arises but when the people seek the comfort of shedding their obligation to act morally and rationally, and can settle in comfortably as the lower value animals in the pack.

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