Understanding This Thing Called #Trump



I’ve been whining here and other places for quite a long while now about not being able to write creatively because I’m so consumed with Trump and, what I perceive to be, his threat to my American Way of Life.

So I’ve decided I’m not going to try and fight it any longer and I am just going to go ahead and, for the immediate future, dedicate my site wholly (well, for the most part anyway) to the subject of autocracy in general and to the threat of Trump transforming the United States into one in specific.

Effective immediately, my website’s name will change from RELATING TO HUMANS to UNDERSTANDING AUTOCRACY   unNORMALIZING THE FREAK SHOW acrasial and defœdated aretaloger resister THE ALT TO THE ALT.

Yeah, I know…

Anyway, to celebrate this unfortunate yet inevitable transformation of my site, and to help us stay alert to any threat of transformation to the United States by the incoming Putin Fanboy, I offer you two free kindle books relevant to both:


Let’s pile in some more autocratic books…













24 thoughts on “Understanding This Thing Called #Trump

  1. My teen years were WW11 years. We were all aware of the personality traits of a dictator. Later, when I was in the Peace Corps in Slovakia, it was a brand new liberated country. However, the Prime Minister was a Soviet through and through, one who regarded us as spies of the American government. He had his secret police and bombed people’s cars who had defied him. His presence was well known, all under the guise of “democracy.” He even had the President’s son kidnapped. So, I am aware of that kind of personality and government. We never want that to happen in the United States. That is not what or who we are. The misled voters who put Trump in office are ignorant of the past, or else they did not learn from it. I understand this thing called Trump.I wish I didn’t.

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  2. Thank you for deciding to stay on the front lines of the autocracy war. Your voice and your knowledge are sorely needed. While I would rather be relating to humans, I know all too well that the impending autocracy is the biggest threat to our ability to relate as humans that has occurred in our lifetime. So, consider me a foot soldier. I will continue to follow your work. I may not be able to stomach all the texts you laid out here, but I get the picture from other sources. Vive le Resistance.

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        1. It’s a bit paradoxical – Many countries are suffering because there is no Rule of Law but in the US it seems we are beginning to suffer because of all the complexities and loopholes created because of too much Rule of Law… at least that which is imposed upon the average citizen. Consequently, the more they suffer and feel disenfranchised by the it and the inequities between the classes, the more the clamor for a strong leader to shake things up like we just did with Trump… and, of course, Italy did with Mussolini and Germany did with Hitler.

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  3. 40 years ago I sat in a classroom in a boarding school in the South of German and I asked my teacher, “How could Hitler become chancellor?” She explained it well, for about 2 years, and I felt so much relief knowing that something like that could never happen again. The world had learned from the mistakes that led to WWI and WWII. My generation was so much more informed, there were newspapers and magazines, surely somebody similar like Hitler wouldn’t have a chance.

    30+ years ago I moved to the U.S. as a newly wed. The land of the free, the home of the brave. My home by choice, not by birth. The melting pot of different cultures, different history and backgrounds.

    I cannot even begin to describe how I feel right now. Fascism here in the United States of America, how can it be? Trump reminds me at Mussolini and I don’t like it, I don’t’ like it a bit.

    Speak up my friend, speak up loud and clear. I do the same. Have done so since more than a year.

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  4. People say I’m obsessed with wars. And a bit too much with WW2 & the Yugoslav wars. But what they do not know is that it is my fear about re-appearance of those traits that lead to those wars that interests me more to know and talk about those wars and relate them to the current situations. I realised that the world is becoming a scary place when my Mum supported our prime minister AND considered your elected prez as someone similar who might be crazy and act like monarchs, but it is through them that development comes as they take bold decisions that others are afraid to take/make. My only answer is that Hitler did the same, gain trust with your boldness and popular results and then show your true madness! And she doesn’t get it! She says how are those related and why do I obsess about the past so much? And to that. I have no answer.
    If miracles do happen, I wish they happen for you. Maybe, he turns out to be a saint by some miracle. I can’t say anything else as that was what I wished a couple of years back when the inevitable happened in our country(India). But then, it was a popular choice and the rest of us didn’t really have any other remotely better options to fight for!

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    1. Thank you for sharing such personal, important thoughts with us, jomt. History has proven many times that when things get bad even bad options begin to look good. Trump is the worst of the bad options out there and I still can’t believe how many regard him in such a positive way.

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