In case you’ve never watched the following video of President Obama roasting The Donald to a humiliating crisp thereby motivating him, The Donald, to not just run for president (he had already kind of done that) but to run and win regardless the cost or the damage done in order to destroy Obama’s legacy you should, just so you’ll understand exactly when the end of the world had its beginning and why…

As another End of Times’ beginning reference point, I’m listening to the audiobook edition of the following book, which was published not long after the Correspondence Dinner where Trump got burned and shortly before the 2012 election.

I’m only about a third of the way into it but so far all I’m getting out of it is how much he hates Obama… and China. But it really lays out his idiotology, I mean ideology, and puts his present day Freak Show realities into better perspective, as creepy as that may sound.

Actually, it’s quite the well written Dictator-in-waiting propaganda piece. However, there is no doubt in my military mind that the book was written, not by Comrade Donald (Wait, I’m getting my fascist strongman metaphors mixed up. Should it be Herr Donald instead since I called him Dictator-in-waiting? Perhaps calling him Comrade should be reserved only for when referring to him as “Putin Fanboy?” Anyway…), but instead by an uncredited ghostwriter.

I expect to have much more more to say about this book (like how he knew for a fact based on Intelligence Community assessments that China was hacking into our infrastructure and stealing our secrets – #hypocrisy) and the others I am/will be reading to get me into fighting shape for the next four bloody years…


9 Replies to “#BLAMEOBAMA”

  1. Even if Obama’s roasting led, inexorably to the election of DumpTy to the White House, that video clip has to be one of the best things I’ve seen in ages. Not an American so probably shouldn’t comment, but most of /us/ have admired Obama from the beginning, because he’s a very clever man. That clip proves it. :)

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  2. That clip was truly magical and a gab that Trump won’t let Obama live down. Not only to be humiliated but to be humiliated for all the world to see and re-visit thanks to the beauty of the internet. Thank you. I’ll look into the audiobook shortly got too much on my plate right now but clearly I’ll need to do a crash course before the inauguration.


  3. I can’t believe I never saw this clip, thanks for the refresh. The only concerns I have about the Donald is going into a conflict ( like Iraq) that we should stay out of. And all the cuts he is making to better the industry but pollute the world is beyond insane.
    Keep writing the good stuff

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