On today’s Freak Show, or as some call it, President-elect Trump’s Press Conference

On what I heard:

  • That Trump will not divest himself from his business
  • That Trump has at least considered running both his business and the United States simultaneously
  • That Trump believes the Intelligence Community is corrupt and is engaging in Nazi-like tactics in order to discredit him and his presidency
  • That Trump believes the Intelligence Community is without a moral compass
  • Pivots, deflections, bullying name-calling, and classifying as fake news any reporter or reporting that doesn’t put him or his incoming administration in a positive light

On what I didn’t hear:

  • A categorical denial that he or anyone in his campaign/administration had contact with any Russian officials prior to or during the presidential campaign

On what I think about what I heard from the confirmation hearings so far:

  • Senator Sessions scares me as Attorney General but I didn’t hear anything that I think will disqualify him or prevent his confirmation
  • General Kelly was endorsed by one of my public servant heroes Secretary Robert Gates so he’s cool and I think he will be an awesome Secretary of Homeland Security
  • Rex Tillerson’s hearing is still ongoing but he was endorsed by both Robert Gates and another public servant hero former Senator Sam Nunn so, even though I have serious concerns over his business ties and especially his relationship with Russia in general and Putin in specific, I will take their word that he is qualified and support him until I find reason to do otherwise