On what I heard:

  • That Trump will not divest himself from his business
  • That Trump has at least considered running both his business and the United States simultaneously
  • That Trump believes the Intelligence Community is corrupt and is engaging in Nazi-like tactics in order to discredit him and his presidency
  • That Trump believes the Intelligence Community is without a moral compass
  • Pivots, deflections, bullying name-calling, and classifying as fake news any reporter or reporting that doesn’t put him or his incoming administration in a positive light

On what I didn’t hear:

  • A categorical denial that he or anyone in his campaign/administration had contact with any Russian officials prior to or during the presidential campaign

On what I think about what I heard from the confirmation hearings so far:

  • Senator Sessions scares me as Attorney General but I didn’t hear anything that I think will disqualify him or prevent his confirmation
  • General Kelly was endorsed by one of my public servant heroes Secretary Robert Gates so he’s cool and I think he will be an awesome Secretary of Homeland Security
  • Rex Tillerson’s hearing is still ongoing but he was endorsed by both Robert Gates and another public servant hero former Senator Sam Nunn so, even though I have serious concerns over his business ties and especially his relationship with Russia in general and Putin in specific, I will take their word that he is qualified and support him until I find reason to do otherwise




7 thoughts on “On today’s Freak Show, or as some call it, President-elect Trump’s Press Conference

  1. I agree with you. Except that Tillerson’s wishy-washy answer about the Muslims ban, asking how and not why it could be done, troubles me. I still don’t trust him or Sessions because they seemed too eager to give the correct answers. And the questioners were too eager to get the right answers to that suit their various interests. My Fear continues l.

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    1. Well, I would deny the entire trump administration if I could but that is not possible; so regarding the eagerness, and pretending that this is a normal process and not a sideshow of the Freak Show as it is, most confirmation hearings are typically rubber-stamp events as both parties want to try to give the president the team he wants… so the bar is already low from the start.

      But you already know that I’m sure, so apologies for that.

      So, as the bar is already low, and as I am never as familiar with all the players as I should be, I always look to others whom I respect to see where they are with their support/relationship with an individual. It’s lazy but useful.

      Rubio and a couple others gave him a pretty good grilling but I’ll have to go back a relisten to his answers re: the Muslim ban as I wasn’t always as focused on the hearing as I should have been.

      However, now we have to suffer through today’s hearings so it all will be quite a grind and mind numbing…

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