It’s been over twenty-four hours since we, and by “we” I mean definitely not me, happily handed Lucifer the Keys to the Kingdom on a gold-plated platter of a presidency so I was just checking in to see if everyone is still alive and/or if there has been any signs of the onset of the sure-to-come-if-not-already-here-somewhere Trump Apocalypse, AKA #TRUMPOCALYPSE for brevity and my sake.


Are you okay?

I mean, this Trump Freak Show we are all now part of has got to be doing some serious psychological damage to some folks out there, with yours truly possibly included. Don’t ya think?


Well, as Chuck D of Public Enemy wisely if not futilely instructs us…

Fight the power the best you are able, I suppose.


Anyway, I’m sorry if my making light of the Apocalypse offends anyone…

Not in a religious aspect, mind you.

Don’t really care if anyone’s religious sensibilities or lack thereof get a little sensitive over it…

But, I do care about the sensitive sensibilities of those who are actually living in places that could pass as being smack dab in the middle of the eye of an apocalyptical storm. By which I mean apocalyptic storms large such as Syria; and apocalyptic storms small such as any cargo hold on any vessel where any human is being held for trafficking in any of its nefarious forms; or any other sized storm where anyone feels apocalyptically doomed.

I can only imagine.

Because, let’s face, my ability to make light of something so hellish as the Apocalypse can only come from a place of comfort and privilege, right?


But then again…

Hell is relative to the human, right?

Oh yeah.

Which to me then means, for over twenty-four hours now, ever since #youknowwho has been cursed sworn in as president, I have been in hell.




18 thoughts on “Is everybody… okay?

  1. Will keep doing what we’ve did for the last one. Working hard, saving money, keeping my head above water, and staying healthy. We struggled during the last eight years and are still haven’t recovered. It’s been bad for us.

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  2. Give him a chance to screw up before going off your nut like the rest of the children protesting all across the nation. He cannot be any worse than the last idiot and this rhetoric you’ve been spewing is getting repetitious.

    Just sit back, relax, and keep living your life as if nothing has changed. Seriously, I am seeing more maturity out of the loud mouthed customers demanding service on a Friday afternoon in the money center when the line is wrapped and all registers in use. Yes, I will be unfollowing this blog to escape the senselessness of this daily tirade.

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    1. Amen, Candace Gauger. This is turning into a national disgrace because people did not get their way. Eight years ago you could not protest against Obama because you would have been labeled a racist. Today you are just a proud American exercising free speech. I like your work, Kurt, but all this doom & gloom because Trump beat Clinton is only keeping the whole thing going. It’s over, she lost & left Washington for good yesterday after 23 long, painful zero accomplishment years. You have no choice except to move forward with your life, like when your favorite team doesn’t win the Stanley Cup. Do what the losing team does in that case-they line up to congratulate every member of the winning team then skate off the ice and prepare for next season. Or stay where you are whining and crying. Either way, Clinton still lost and Donald J. Trump is now the 45th President of the country you served.

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      1. You’ve been a long-time friend here, TVV, and I’m sorry you’re disappointed with my content of late. I’ve expressed my apologies for my focus on Trump in the past but he scares me and leaves me no choice but to speak out against him.

        But the points you make against me don’t really hold in my view. I have never been pro Clinton and never said Trump wasn’t legitimately elected, I’ve said the opposite. But you can take it to the bank that I will be following the many investigations into his and his associates’ relationship with Russia very, very closely because what I am down on is the way Trump behaves.

        You and others say give him a chance. He declared his candidacy for president in June 2015, and he was elected in November. He’s had all that time to prove himself presidential and he continues to be infantile, divisive, and seemingly pro-Russia. OMG did you see his comments from the CIA??!! Gross. Again, he scares me and I will remain focused on him for the foreseeable future.

        I don’t know who the other lady is whose diatribe against me that you seem to agree with so heartily and who has declared her intent to unfollow me so I couldn’t care less if she dismisses herself from my site, but I will be sorry to see you go if that is your choice.

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        1. I do not know about the others, but when I say to give him a chance, I mean as President, He did a lot of wonderful things over the years for NY (where I am from) and others.

          Did you know when Jennifer Hudson’s family was killed, Trump put her & her sister up in one of his hotels for free as long as they needed it for?

          He put an ice skating rink in NY at his own cost when the local gov’t could not get out of their own way.

          When his limo broke down and a couple gave him a ride to where he needed to go, a few days later he paid off their mortgage-their mortgage!!! He could have given them a cash reward of any monetary amount for their kindness and he chose to pay off their mortgage.

          There is so much proof-yes, PROOF that he is not the intolerant S.O.B. so many make him out to be (here if you are interested:


          Instead, everyone focuses on other comments taken out of context or as a result of his temper which basically told us he does not take crap from people he does not believe in, as we saw in the debates. And he must have been right about the press being biased because why else was Hilary predicted the winner for a month before the big “upset”?

          Kurt, I will always respect yours and everyone else’s right to free speech. It is part of why we are a great country. And please be sure that I am not here to change your mind. Your opinion is your own and you are entitled to that as well. But in this social media age when so much false information is put out there and people with small minds (present company excluded) take those falsehoods and build a mountain on it is just dangerous (as the violent riots on inauguration day proved with all the officers who were injured).

          Is Trump perfect? Of course not. Who is? But he has raised a decent family who had all the advantages growing up and instead of making sex tapes and being out partying at clubs every night those kids work just as hard as their father does. They are also a very close knit family. On that basis alone, there must be some good in a man who is such a good father.

          I do not think it is too much to ask to give him a chance in this new job, not his past work. Because right now in this moment, nothing has changed except that we now have a new president.

          I will now put my soap box away.


  3. You couldn’t protest Obama because you’d be called a racist? Really? I remember oodles of protests and years of slamming him on Facebook and other social media. It went on from the first day he was elected and lasted eight years. Some really vicious stuff, too. Now some of us are expressing concerns about Trump’s behavior, which we’ve seen during the campaign. I know that he has been charitable, and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, but I’ll also be watchful because I was so disturbed by his words and actions the past six months – which we all saw if we had eyes to see and ears to hear.

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  4. I feel very uneasy with our present president and with his cabinet choices. I’m 76 years old I have followed politics closer than many for my adult life. I recall the McGovern Nixon election, Sen. Mc Govern was was labeled a “liberal” by the Republican Party.That became worse than being a communist. It became a nasty dirty word and it is still considered that today. When Pres. Obama was elected to office the GOP swore they would do absolutely nothing that would help his presidency, they would try to make it very hard if not impossible for him to have a successful presidency.

    So it is no surprise today everything the president Obama signed into law is being red lined by Pres. Trump. With a few strokes of a pen he is going to do away with what Obama did get done. We are supposed to be living in a democracy, for the past eight years the GOP did not believe in a democracy, it was strictly my way or the Highway we will not do anything to help the people or the country if it’s going to help Pres. Obama. They now expect the Democratic Party to play nice, talk nice and bid them well as they dismantle pretty much everything that has been done as far as social programs go in this country.

    Social programs were mostly all started by a Democratic party that was concerned about the well-being of the people. Human nature being what it is, every social program that was ever started his been abused and today there abused to the point the budget is breaking the country. So we can look forward to plenty of austerity driven budget cuts in the name of lowering the national debt.

    People should learn to take care of themselves, feed themselves, pull themselves up by the bootstraps, don’t expect the government to do everything for you. Back in the good old days if you didn’t have insurance of your own, you did the honorable thing, you just stayed home and died. Don’t depend on government programs to take care of your health. This all sounds a little negative but I’m quite concerned our Democracy is going downhill at warp speed, for the simple reason people just don’t seem to care they stay disconnected from what is going on in government they don’t listen to the news, read a newspaper or keep up with current events or national events either. There’s an old saying “you don’t need to burn the books to destroy a culture, just get the people to quit reading them. We have dumbed down our nation to a point it is now manageable for the politicians. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

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    1. Yours is an important message, my friend. Whereas the word “liberal” has been deemed dirty for some time, it now seems the word “moderate” is also tracking the same course. Yes, it would be wonderful if everyone could manage for themselves responsibly, as it would be just as wonderful if we could manage to elect in a government that could also manage itself responsibly…

      Everything seems to be so off kilter now that I wonder if we can ever regain a respectable and responsible footing as a nation.



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