Scorn and the Whole World Scorns With You

The Face of an Authoritarian

This is an official photograph of our “president.”

I know, right.

That’s one scary looking dude.

This isn’t presidential…

Far from it.

This is a picture you would show to your kids when they’re misbehaving. You would point to it, large and ornately framed (a gold-plated frame of course) hanging from a prominent place in your home (because we will all be required to hang one soon enough, surely, as a testament to our allegiance) and tell them…

“If you don’t stop pulling your sister’s pigtail Timmy, our Dear President (formerly known as the Bogeyman) is going to crawl from under your bed tonight while you sleep and deport you to a foreign country where evil foreigners live.”

And then Timmy, our little trumpster to be, will fall into line just like that.

I mean, c’mon…

Is this photograph supposed to inspire Americans to greatness?

Or is it showing us what the face of an insecure, megalomaniacal strongman authoritarian looks like?

Scary, indeed…

Anyway, if you are a Trump supporter and you’re getting tired of my relentless tirage against him, all I can say is I can’t help myself. I have to speak out in opposition to our megalomaniac-in-chief when he continually behaves chiefly like an infantile megalomaniac insecure about the size of his… whatever.

And I do this with an understanding that you [Trump supporters] will most likely end up unfollowing me because of my incessant outspokenness toward him.

However, before you do unfollow me, I really really really wish you would submit an article to me that I promise I will publish as-is as to why you voted for Trump and why you think I am wrong about him or at a minimum why I should give him a chance.


I’ve been trying to engage Trump supporters on my own in a quixotic effort to understand how a thinking person could have overlooked his race/hate-baiting and violence-inspiring campaign to have voted for him and who can continue to overlook all of his autocratic antics?

In my view, he’s had his chance to prove himself presidential.

I mean, he declared his candidacy in June of 2015 for crying out loud.

How much longer do we need to wait?!

Anyway, to find answers to these questions, I visit the WordPress Reader’s “donald-trump” tag daily and I actively seek out posts opposed to my my worldview of our Dear Presidente and I ask the authors. Sadly, nine times out of ten the author moderates his or her comments and my questioning responses to their posts never get to see the light of day.

Which brings me to a serious, and seriously tangential, pet peeve of mine.

Censorship via the moderation of comments. {See my “PRO” TIP: DO NOT MODERATE ME}

I cannot believe how many of you bloggers out there moderate the comments for your website.

Why blog if you are afraid to address what the responses may be to what you publish?!


Anyway, again, before you unfollow me, I encourage you to submit an article for me to publish here as to why I am wrong about Trump.

But I have no hope that you will.

And that makes me scornfully sad…




18 thoughts on “Scorn and the Whole World Scorns With You

  1. Since we are now in “Alternative Facts” mode, per KellyAnn — wait for it – it’s coming— Hillary Clinton is our President! (But that she won the popular vote by nearly 3 mill votes was NOT an alternate fact.) – Anyway, I invite all journalists to boycott any T press conferences and move straight to covering our Alternative President(s) instead. And please note, in the new alternative reality, you are free to choose your own Alternative President!! Cool huh? Just add them below in Kurt’s comments…. Happy Monday!

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  2. “If you don’t stop pulling your sister’s pigtail Timmy, our Dear President (formerly known as the Bogeyman) is going to crawl from under your bed tonight while you sleep and deport you to a foreign country where evil foreigners live.”
    Cracking up…the cheetos-dust-boogeyman!

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  3. I don’t need an article to tell you why I voted for him over the other candidate. I hated him less than I hated her. That is it. The way you feel about him is how I feel about her times 100,000,000. I also know of a lot of kind, decent things he has done with very little fanfare. I truly believe she is a ruthless, heartless criminal.

    I am from NY and he did more for that city and state than she ever did as an elected official. I firmly believe in your right to free speech as per the First Amendment. But not everyone is as smart as you are, so when you use terms like “Lucifer”, “The Boogeyman” & others, it might incite someone with a lower IQ to do something reckless. And I am starting to think that any day now, you will pull a Madonna, which was utterly disgraceful. (I will not repeat her comments from the rally here so google it if you do not know what I mean).

    Two years of an ugly election campaign is enough for me. I cannot & will not stay in this dark place with you or anyone else anymore for absolutely no reason. The only thing he has done so far is take his oath.

    And I am sure you have heard this: wanting him to fail is like wanting a pilot to crash a plane that we are all on board of. Not too smart, is that? And if he does fail, there is not going to be a new election. Then Pence will be President.

    God Speed, Kurt. I am done.

    Regretfully, The Vintage Vixen

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    1. I should have included this in the post but the reason I ask for articles to be written is because things tend to get overlooked in the comments section. I don’t have a large enough audience to where your views will be seen off the beat path. So it would be awesome if you’d package this up and I could share it to the blog.

      However, I hear what you say – you are done.


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    1. Wow – That’s exactly what I meant to write. I originally had frown and felt that wasn’t strong enough. Had every intention of changing it to scowl…what an airhead am I. Anyway, thanks for that and for the article – will check it out; although, I’ve read a million of them trying to normalize and rationalize the madness. Just wanted to hear from real people a bit closer to me.


  4. i can’t help you. trump sucks. my little sister voted for him however, because he is “chosen by god.” i read the article she posted about it, but it did not address trump, just other biblical characters who “weren’t perfect.” she initially was not going to vote for him because of her being the mother of a black son, but apparently god intervened?? i told her her god is an asshole. so we probably aren’t talking anymore. my family has a long history of voting only on the issue of abortion. my brother even died for it. maybe that’s why HIS family did not vote for trump.


    1. Sounds like quite the complicated web of familial politics. I too have a relative who believes God is working through Trump, or something like that. To me, it only appears that Putin is doing God’s work, so to speak.

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