Non-Partisan Parodistic Humor

Since we’re all inevitably doomed anyway, be it by a #trumpocalypse risen freedom eating zombie tomorrow, or by an angel-stroked sweet Good Night (God is Good, right… I mean, God is “good”, I suppose, but the word “good” also is “God” … Right? That’s where the word “good” came from, right? Directly from God? Right? Ah, good god maybe not…) fifty-years from now, we all might as well laugh together as we march happily toward our demise…





About Kurt Brindley

He is tall but he hopes to accomplish more in life than just that...
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6 Responses to Non-Partisan Parodistic Humor

  1. From what I’ve seen on Facebook from right-wingers, God is Trump.


  2. I love BLR, glad to see the new one, thanks

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