Brady and Belichick support Trump.
Trump supports Putin.
Putin supports oppression.
Oppression supports fear.
Fear supports hate.
Hate supports violence.
Violence supports violence.
Violence supports violence.
Violence supports violence…

Support freedom, peace, and love.
Support the Falcons.




7 thoughts on “#GOFALCONS

  1. At half time, the Falcons lead 21-3, with 6 of those point thanks to a spectacular 82 yd run after intercepting a Patriot pass. So far, so good. Wish the Dems could play like the Falcons. Would the Falcons’ coach be willing to be the next DNC chair?


      1. Glad I thought to qualify my comment with “So far …” after deciding to skip the rest of what looked to be a blowout. Blundered into half watching somewhat longer (while folding laundry) and then into really watching as the tide turned.

        Yes, to see Trump endorsers win was a downer. On the other hand, the game was a splendid example of Yogi Berra’s Law, and I had recently riffed on the importance of that law in the Age of Trumpery:


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  2. Or follow the dream with Sutton United FC, furthest ever they’ve got in the FA cup, most good-natured pitch invasion ever and set to play Arsenal in their tiny ground at the wonderfully named Gander Green Lane. The modest little guys do sometimes win even in this troubled world.



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