I’ve been a #Trump alarmist from the start, but what do I know…

Admittedly, I know not much about many things; but still, even with my unsophisticated eye I have been able to see the authoritarian writing on the proverbial [Mexican] wall long before Trump’s construction on it [deconstruction of it] will begin [had begun].

But who cares what a no name know nothing like me whines on and on and on and on and on about anyway?

Heck, I can barely hold my own attention so I have no expectation whatsoever of holding let alone swaying yours.

But you should be getting a little concerned when smart folks who do know a lot about a not-so-little thing called United States insider politics begin to worry about Trump’s authoritarian bent beginning to line up well with his well established bent toward authoritarian leaders.

For instance, David Frum, George Dubya Bush’s speechwriter, has also been a Trump alarmist from way back. If you haven’t yet, you really should read his latest piece in The Atlantic. It’s a long read with many complex and interwoven ideas, as well an occasional troubling compound and/or multisyllabic word; fortunately, for those of us who can only manage reads in nothing longer than a #Trump-sized tweet, there is an audio file accompanying it for us to listen to, and to which a link is provided for you right below the Orwellian photo that comes to us courtesy of the said article…

– You can read the article here.
– You can listen to the audio recording of it there.

And then there are the serious concerns of Evan McMullin, a former CIA operative who knows a thing or two about authoritarianism from working undercover in authoritarian states on behalf of our American ideals, regarding the authoritarian tactics of Trump and his stooge (or is it the other way around?) propaganda-meister Steve Bannon.

Speaking of Bannon, have you seen the opinion piece by retired Admiral Mike Mullin, a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, regarding the politicizing and weakening of our national security from Trump’s blatant authoritarian move of removing the CJCS and the Director of National Intelligence as fulltime members of his Principals Committee and adding said stooge Bannon as a fulltime member?

[NOTE: Several of Trump’s key advisors, such as Chief of Staff Reinhold Richard “Reince” Priebus, have tried to say that the JCS and the DNI have not been removed as fulltime PC members, but here is a link to the actual Executive Order and the following is an excerpt from it that specifically states that they are now included only on an as needed basis:

The PC shall have as its regular attendees the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Defense, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff, the Assistant to the President and Chief Strategist, the National Security Advisor, and the Homeland Security Advisor.  The Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff shall attend where issues pertaining to their responsibilities and expertise are to be discussed]

I mean, even John Yoo, the Justice Department lawyer during the Dubya Administration who authored the infamous TORTURE MEMOS believes that Trump has gone too far, and explicitly says so in his own opinion piece entitled “Executive Powers Run Amok.”

There’s a lot more evidence out there. To find it, just listen to Trump’s fake news blather du jour regarding whatever the negative news story du jour is being written about him.


So color dumb me an alarmist, just make it the same color as all the other not-so-dumb ones please.




21 thoughts on “I’ve been a #Trump alarmist from the start, but what do I know…

  1. Thank you for this post! Well said. I think we’ve all seen enough to be alarmed, no matter who we voted for in the election. Trump is proving to be erratic, irrational, he lies compulsively, and tweets out his rants against perceived slights. He wants to gut environmental protections and federal regulations. His tweet this morning declaring that negative polls are fake news is as Orwellian as “ignorance is strength” or “war is peace” and “freedom is slavery.” His constant doublespeak, and that of his advisors, is exhausting.

    Trump is taking this nation down a bad path. America’s greatness is already being tarnished within the global community by his reckless words and actions, and we need to turn our alarm into action, in whatever form works for each individual.

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  2. I’m sort of afraid to say anything because free speech seems to be dead even before Trump has gotten started…how will we fix anything or fend off any authoritarian ruler if we squelch diversity of thought? I live in a part of the country very affected by illegal immigration and what I want is legal immigration not only for the protection of citizens but for the protection of poor immigrants who are preyed upon by those who take advantage of an arbitrary legal situation. I want our laws enforced or changed through legislation. If our borders are going to be erased then they should be erased through legislation. A wall was approved (through legislation) by many who oppose it now including, Hillary Clinton and Chuck Shummer. Elitism is the out of control authority I fear most and as an every day American am suffering from already. I’m not alone and Trump was elected as an expression of that suffering. He is kind of scary sometimes but Hillary as part of the Bush/Clinton Dynasty is scary too. The corrupt media is the scariest piece of all. If we’re to win out over fear we have to find a way to unite as a people and stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated by fear against one another.


    1. If you and others of your Trumpian beliefs are asking me and others of my non-Trumpian beliefs to unite behind an authoritarianism as an answer to what ills our nation, then we are doomed; for I, and I expect many others of my beliefs, will never seek out nor abide by a dictatorial solution to a democratic problem.

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      1. I have Pamian beliefs…Please delete my posts. I’m not up for a pointless fight. I believe in peace, love, unity, and diversity of peoples. I don’t think any of those can be achieved through sectarian violence or hatred. I hope you find peace and freedom from your fear.


          1. I never said who I voted for. You are passing judgements on things you have no clue about. The fact is that he is the president and fear serves no good purpose. Anger and division serves no good purpose. As a people it makes us weak and vulnerable to corrupt leaders. I didn’t mean to stir you up more. Truly, I hope you find some peace and freedom from your fear.


          2. I do have a clue. They are what you have just written to me. Whether my suspicions are correct or not based upon the clues you have provided is less important to me than what it is you’re apparently attempting to do – and that is normalize Trump’s authoritarian behavior.

            And if I were afraid or were being governed by my fears, I wouldn’t be speaking out. I’m not fearful of expressing my thoughts or of having a discussion or of being disagreed with. I am resolute in my outspokenness and resistance to that which either you are supporting or are at a minimum attempting to normalize.

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          3. No, you’re totally wrong about me and suspicion comes from fear. I’m concerned about how people are reacting to the election more than I am concerned about any president. We’ve remained a strong country through many bad presidents but we’ll never survive if we tear one another apart. I think every American should be able to speak their mind without fear. It has been that way most of my lifetime but that freedom to speak is vanishing not because of political leaders but because of our attitudes toward each other. I am sorry I commented on your site. There is no reason once a warlike stance has been adopted. I have to power to normalize anything Trump does or doesn’t do. I can’t think of a single president that I thought of as ‘my’ president. They’ve all been ‘the’ president and people I’ve had to find my way around to survive. I am old and you are young. I know the world will not bend for me and many find themselves broken in the attempt to bend the world to their will. I find it silly and harmful to support illegal immigration though, I can see the point in others supporting the legalization of open borders. Arbitrary implementation of laws is the prime condition for a dictator to assume power. I believe in the rule of law and not the rule of elitist, strong men. Trump may prove to be the later but if so it is because presidents before him created the conditions that allowed him to be elected and also, to rely on executive orders rather than legislation. That started with Nixon.


          4. I don’t understand why you’re sorry for commenting? Are you sorry for the things that you’ve written? If you’re sorry you commented because of my responses to your responses to what I posted, then I wonder what you thought was going to happen. Whenever someone disagrees with you do you always get upset and ask them to delete your posts? Anyway, no need to answer. I’ll just offer a word of advice before you click that “unfollow” button if you haven’t already… please be wary in the future when commenting on someone’s site with whom you don’t agree with because they just might not agree with you; and please, please stop trying to normalize Trumps hate and violence inspiring authoritarian behavior. Peace out.

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          5. No, I won’t unfollow though I know I won’t comment again. I like reasonable discussion but you aren’t in the mood for that right now. Lots of people disagree with me and I disagree with lots of people. It’s the vitriol that disappoints me. I’m not calling anyone names, labeling anyone, trying to squelch the free speech of anyone, I’m not rioting, breaking or burning things….I’m not doing anything that supports or normalizes hate or violence. You can target me as the enemy but your enemy I’m not. I’m not upset either. I’m just sad that I stumbled into this pointless discussion. Peace comes with enlightenment and I hope that for everyone.


  3. Chief of Staff Reinhold Richard “Reince” Priebus—Wow, I had to look that one up and make sure you weren’t trying to put one over on me! Reinhold Richard??? Well, I found out two things: yes, that is his real name and “Reince” is a nickname, and secondly, almost everyone has been pronouncing the nickname incorrectly. Who would have thought it rhymes with “pints”?

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  4. Great. Love the tone. Love the energy of your commentary. You’re scooping up fine and absolutely pertinent ‘stuffola’ no less. I hadn’t seen the interview with the former – CIA was it? official. His testimony was elegantly to the point!!!!! and I love the CNN anchor man’s subtle maneuverings to get him to spell it out for the less-ready to-fall-for-the-lefty take that Trump is BAD news. I’m loving watching the media go to it. The articles you mentioned in the Atlantic – there are a few others now as well are superb and spell it out as it is. Keep rockin! My own posts on democracyonhold are in line – the tone quite formal, being an academic-sort-of-imbecile…. but hey, we all need a place under the sun. Your posts are giving me faith. That ol’ sun still hanging up there, pollution ceiling or not. Keep at it!

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