The Night The Lights Went Out In America…

Lights Out
Lights Out – November 8, 2016

Ever since that cursed night when #youknowwho was elected, every time I see an image of the beautiful Lady Liberty with her torch held high shining her warm and welcoming light of liberty and freedom all throughout the land, I am now, sadly, always reminded of the song The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia.

I never knew what it was about, but when I was a kid that song used to give me the creeps. I had no idea of the concept of Cognitive Dissonence back then, but I sure felt it because whenever I heard the haunting song I could never get my head around the fact that the hilariously goofy Vickie Lawrence of the hilariously goofy Carol Burnett Show (ah, life seemed so much simpler then…) could sing something so spooky.

But she did. And now her spooky song is my earworm anthem to how I feel about the current state of things within this warped and nightmarish alternate reality I seem to be trapped in.

On a similar satisfactorily ironic note for me and certainly a shockingly cognitive dissonance note for the supporters of #youknowho and his Muslim ban, I’m happy to report that the beautiful Lady Liberty is a beautiful Muslim.




4 thoughts on “The Night The Lights Went Out In America…

  1. i love that song. dennis quaid, christie mcnichol, and mark hamill starred in a movie of the same name…which i also love even though it is probably awful to everyone else (or so all of my boyfriends assure me. )
    the song makes me laugh–maybe for the same reason–a serious song sung by a comedic actress. and does remind me of simpler times.
    president buttfuck does not make me laugh…but then he does…until i remind myself that it is not funny that he is a moron…except it is…until he destroys civilization as we know it.
    and then i find myself missing george dubya.
    and i blame all of them for my day drinking which may or may not directly relate to this comment.

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