Trump says “Bing!”

(I know, instead of having fun I should be going off on the latest news about the gaining credibility of the Russian dossier on Trump, or that he and/or his team may have had colluded with Russia in their attempt to sway the election, or how he, Don the Deal Artisan Extraordinaire, just got rolled by the Chinese; however, I can’t get enough of these montage videos showing how ridiculous Trump is and I would love to see someone make a video of him binging in time with his accordion playing.)




7 thoughts on “Trump says “Bing!”

  1. Kurt: I was understanding that your site was more of an artsy place to come? there is absolutely nothing artsy about that man except for the “clown” he is making himself out to be. Thank you for sharing all of your thoughts about the current state of affairs in our country though. You certainly give sufficient thought provoking “buffet” to digest. Have a great weekend.

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  2. Wow – I had never focused on this amazing word of his – Such a vocabulary that man has!! – Bing! No.., Bing – Bing – Bing ! No.., Bing – Bing -Bong! No.., Bing – Bing – Bing! Uh-oh, I’m stuck in a loop of Bigly amazingness!!!

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