Rockin’ with The Donald in the Nothing’s for Free World

According to this Rolling Stones article, this is his favorite song:

Ah, I’m just kidding…

Actually, the article speculates that he is pretty much your typical orange white rich dude who listens to mostly Classic Rock. He personally created playlists for his rallies during the campaign and always closed with this Classic (barely) Rock song:

Hey, I ain’t mad at him for that but… I mean… well… Considering his affiliation with the WWE, do you think he’s got a thing for men in tights?

Anyway, according the article Trump speaks most fondly of that Counter Culture Protest Everything Icon Neil Young. Yeah, I laughed too when I first read that. But I got a little weirded out when I went on to read that Young performed often at Trump’s casino. That’s an image that’s gonna be tough to get out the the head. If that’s true we really are screwed.

But on a happy note, musical or otherwise, it looks like Russian Stooge Mike Flynn will be the first casualty, with hopefully many more to follow, of the Trump Administration.

Keep on rockin’ in the free world…

While it’s still free anyway.



2 thoughts on “Rockin’ with The Donald in the Nothing’s for Free World

  1. Neil Young??? At Trump casinos??? Yikes! If this is really true, I will have to resign from not one, but Four NY fan clubs and destroy my considerable NY music collection! This has to be an alternative fact. Loved the rest of your post.

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