Moderating Opposition

Did I say “moderating?” I really should have said “censoring.”

I’ve made it known here how I am completely opposed to the moderation of comments.


And yes, I understand the need for moderation/censorship of comments if one is being stalked and feels threatened for whatever reason.

But if you manage a site like most the sites out there, including mine, then you probably aren’t getting enough comment responses to your posts to worry about having to moderate them.

Now, if you are lucky enough to manage a site that does generate a lot of comments, especially in these politically contentious times, then I can understand the need for moderations. We have become some rather foul-mouthed, rude, and even scary beasts who no longer have an “inside” and an “outside” voices. We only have “shrill, continuously screaming” voices.

So I kind of expected to be moderated when I submitted to a comment to this “interesting” post on a very heavily trafficked, “conservative” site called “Last Resort.”

I submitted my comment around 10:00 a.m. this morning. I went back from time to time to see if it was published by refreshing the site and for most of the day it just said “comment waiting moderation.” Okay, maybe whomever manages the comments worked during the day, I reasoned. But I just checked again, eight hours or so later, and the comment is no where to found.

Trashed, I suppose.

This typically happens to my comments to most Trump supporters’ sites I visit. And I can kind of understand that, too. Most of these sites are pretty lonely so I guess all of a sudden having a comment pop up in opposition to your thinking can get a little intimidating, so… like when suddenly seeing a creepy bug you instinctively squash it.


But this “Last Resort” site, I figured they would see my comment, not as threatening, but as a delectable meal of red meat, something their rabidly Alt-Right seething audience most of the commenters seem to be.

Anyway, it gets a little annoying after taking the time to find interesting posts to read, reading them, coming up with a response them, and then never having them published, so after a couple of hours waiting for my response to be published to, I began to get the feeling that, like the many others, it would eventually end up in the trash bin, so I copied it so that I could share here it with you to ask to ask:

If you are or if you would take a moment to pretend you are in opposition to someone like me regarding Trump, do you think the following comment is one that should be censored in response to this post?

Distracting from the potential/probable crime and/or treason committed by disgraced Trump and his Putin apologist Alt Right enablers by trying to blame those bringing light to the potential/probable crime and/or treason is lesson one of Cover-up 101.

I cannot believe American citizens would rather protect Putin-loving Trump than the greater good of our country. The sooner Trump resigns in disgrace and ends the humiliation we all suffer from him the sooner we can get to restoring the damage to our national security and democratic consciousness caused by him.

[UPDATE: Right after I posted this I was greeted by this homepage headline: TRUMP PRESSER TAKES QUESTIONS EXCLUSIVELY FROM CONSERVATIVE MEDIA. And I wonder why conservative bloggers censor my comments…]