A Tale of Two Realities…

Trump and His Alt-Right Supporters’ Alt-Reality: A FINE-TUNED MACHINE


Actual Reality: CHAOS

TIME: Inside Donald Trump’s White House Chaos




12 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Realities…

        1. You probably didn’t even read that article. You alt-righters… you’re all happily “brain”washed (who like to have to think) into this fake news hype, which is nothing but an autocratic tactic, so you cut out your brain to spite your common sense. What a joke.


          1. The nonsense I see from the alt-left is dangerous and will likely lead to a far bigger problem. That’s the agenda you seem to be following here. Making things up is what the lamestream media are doing and failing to report the real story.
            Fortunately Idon’t live in the US, but I do watch the US media and the nonsense from the Democrat side is astonishing. Pelosi is completely brain dead making the comments she does, no bearing on reality.
            What you need is a dose of Milo Yiannopoulos or Greg Gutfeld, and lighten up before you all go down in flames. Talk about autocratic!
            The stock market has risen 10%, that’s all I need to know, not the mud and rubbish the media throw.


          2. I will say, you’re one of the most articulate AltR dude I’ve run across. As for me, this isn’t a political emergency – many of the issues I have a bent toward, strong military, strong against China (although he already got rolled on that one) – it’s a Trump emergency, pure and simple, and his ease of fomenting race hate and violence and his love for (or fear of exposure from) Putin.


          3. Ha ha, I just realized you are the severely less-than articulate “Fake News!” guy on one of my posts. I thought I was responding to some other blogger. Like my grandpa always told me – Pay attention, it’s cheap. Yeah… go back to your Deep State, climate denying website obscurity, Alt-dude dude. Later.


          4. A typical reaction from the alt-left. Pay attention: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/02/boom-manufacturing-index-soars-33-year-high-trump-best-numbers-since-1983-reagan-video/
            Nobody denies climate. Except those on the alt-left, who cannot see past their noses. Your last comment shows you’re stuck in the Obama/Clinton failed past. Things are changing for the better in the US. Unfortunately we have a bigger problem with our Australian Government, but rioting and vandalism is virtually not existant.
            I see you are a Navy veteran, so I would just say thanks for your service, those are the issues that impress me, not the Chuck & Pelosi horror show I see on the left media.



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