The “Good Old Days”

We all have our stereotypes, prejudices, and other indelible insensitive and less-than-helpful outlooks on life regardless how hard we might try to suppress them or convince ourselves otherwise. Often, these insensitive outlooks on life and our inability to suppress them put very heavy assumptive blinders around our thinking.

And narrowly-focused thinking can, while unintended, often lead us into insensitive and hurtful acts of behavior.

And its in this such context that I muse upon the “good old days…”

Now, when African Americans and other minorities living in this, at present, land of the free of ours called the “United” States of America hear a pasty White dude such as myself reflect fondly upon the “good old days,” I assume that they assume I and others like me have quaint, Rockwellian visions of Mayberry dancing in our heads.

And if it were me you were actually making this assumption about, you, for the most part, would be correct. The “good old days” for me growing up in my nearly all-White community were very much simpler and carefree times.

I would then assume that they, African Americans and other minorities, would also assume, as would I, that I and others like me would assume that everyone else, to include African Americans and other minorities, felt just as fondly about my and others like me “good old days” as I and others like me do.

And I also assume that they would also assume, as would I, that I and others like me would never once consider that, seeing how during the time frame surrounding my “good old days” were not too long after the official end of segregation with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, that my “good old days” just might be someone else’s “not-quite-as-good or even bad old days.”

Especially when considering just one example of the hostile environment for some during my “good old days” is that the Tuskegee Institute estimates there had been 3,446 lynchings of African Americans up until 1968.


Anyway, as it is, seeing how time moves much faster these days, the “good old days” are much, much closer to us… well, at least to me they are, than they’ve ever been before.

Especially in the context of presidential politics.

Because considering how bad the new days are, which we can see being articulated in the face of our current scary-looking, sour-pussed president…

The Face of an Authoritarian

I continually think fondly of the very recent but still very sadly in our past “good old smiling and happy days” of our last president…





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