Well, the good news is…


Well, the good news is is that Trump has already filed the paperwork to begin campaigning for the next election.

No really… He did so the day he was inaugurated.

For reference, Barack didn’t file his paperwork for his second campaign until two years later.


Some might wonder why I, an avid anti-All-Things-Trump human and blogger, regard it as good news that the person whom I want to see resign immediately in humiliation and to never be heard from or seen of again is already campaigning.

Well, that is because with his filing it signals that he at least wishes to appear as if he intends to remain with in the realm and regulations of our electoral system and, for now, does not intend to go full-on autocrat anytime soon.


As for the Trump-Putin Axis that has the bejesus scared out of the entire global thinking population and of which Paul Krugman has just made even scarier

I was wondering, to flesh out the complete comparison to the WWII Axis Powers, who would be the third in the threesome?



Or are we in a holding pattern until Europe votes in their own fun-loving authoritarian to offer as the third?



3 thoughts on “Well, the good news is…

  1. There is the matter of where China fits in here, as well as the Indian sub-continent and south east Asia, even Japan and further south, Australia and New Zealand (tiny though it is – might become a bolt hole for those fleeing the Trumpocalypse). The whole world can’t be boiled down to a single person, not even for someone with the immense ego & narcissism of DT. Still fascinated to know why DT considers Putin such a buddy, besides Putin being a match for his massive, thin-skinned ego.

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