Two important observations so far from Mattis’ trip to Iraq…

Image courtesy of LA Times

The first observation:

Mad Dog Mattis must be mad as hell for having to humiliate himself by being the face of our national apology for Trump’s war-crime declaration that we should have and still just might take Iraq’s oil; not to mention the fact that he, Mattis, has to tap dance around the fact that he, Trump, is still hell-bent on keeping every damn one of them, Iraqis, the hell outta our country, regardless whether they fought side by side our soldiers or not (just them, not their oil).

The second observation:

Soldiers with hair salute much better than soldiers without hair…




11 thoughts on “Two important observations so far from Mattis’ trip to Iraq…”

  1. So we all are forced to scramble down the rabbit hole because the us has too much power and has now irretrievably lost it.
    This is a pathetic state of affairs.
    What if we actually can’t resist him?
    Then, what should we do?

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    1. I don’t blame him any longer really. He can’t help but be the megalomaniac narcissistic autocrat-wanna-be who he is. I blame the nearly half of us who fervently and freakishly, not just support him now, but now seem to yearn for him to assume absolute power.

      The real test will come during the next election. We have four years to ponder and prepare.


          1. So many but if you like 12AM then you should like To Kill a Mockingbird and A Streetcar Named Desire in the serious literary adaptions. Catch-22 (a Heller adaption); Dr. Strangelove/Clockwork Orange – Kubric, of course… and on and on…

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