La La La La La La La…

Missed Trump’s big speech last night.

Not because I was balled up in the corner of my dark and damp basement with my eyes closed and ears plugged chanting la la la la la la la to drown out any possibility of hearing it until it was over.

No, I missed it because I mercifully went to see the almost Oscar-winning La La Land instead.

It wasn’t released to my local theater the first time around.

Been wanting to see it.

The almost wasn’t Oscar-winning Moonlighting wasn’t released here its first go-around either.

Still hasn’t been.

I do live in Southern Pennsyltucky, remember…

But if it, Moonlighting, ever does make it to my local theater on the wave of its Oscar win, chances are I still won’t go to see it.

For me, there are movies that are made to be seen in the theater publicly — big bold banging colorful gregarious gun-filled types, a la La La Land — and there are movies that are best watched in the privacy of ones home — ones without all the boom boom blasting effects and/or which might make me cry and/or reflect on myself as a person, a la Moonlighting.

La La Land is good, fun, modern-day family entertainment (there was one gratuitous F-bomb that I recall, no guns, no skin). Beautiful colors.


I’m glad it didn’t win Best Picture.

And I’m glad it gave me a reason for not watching Trump’s speech.

La La Land = happy.

Trump’s speech, had I watched it = unhappy.

I see in today’s headlines everyone is all orgasmic about the speech, though.

Even CNN commentators are saying it was his moment where he became everyone’s president.

Or something like that.

Really? I mean, I saw a clip where he held up the fallen Navy SEAL in praise and in honor…

That was nice.

But, as for saying he is my president, someone who for two years has been ripping apart the fabric of our society speech by hate-inspiring, Putin-loving speech…

I mean… Wow.

That really must have been some performance last night to make up for the two-years’ worth of dysfunction and carnage, intellectual and otherwise, he inflicted upon us, and by us I mean the world.


I think not.

But do I think that if you think that just because of one speech where Trump was finally able to read off the teleprompter words that others wrote for him in a such way, such a performance (let us not forget my definition of politics: acting for ugly people), where he for once didn’t seem to be a thin-skinned, vindictive, narcissistic, megalomaniacal bully of an aspiring autocrat then, well…

One of us has only seen La La Land on the big screen…

And one of us, the delusional one, is living in it.
The Face of an Authoritarian




10 thoughts on “La La La La La La La…

  1. As Michael Moore so brilliantly reminded us last night (on MSNBC), tRump is a card-carrying member of SAG! So, he really was just “acting”. And like any 2nd rate actor, he was more concerned about the ratings, and the length of the audience applause, than with anything of substance.

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  2. I did watch the speech (for the reason that I do insist more info is helpful in any war – that “Know your enemy” kind of thing) but I think SO MANY are MISSING THE POINT. Especially any reporting that attempts to be conciliatory, like comments that he used a softer voice or he seemed presidential or Wow – that he got through a whole hour without falling off into tweet-speech… This speech was all STRATEGY. – Why? Well partly to manipulate the Press, but My Bigger Guess… He’s trying to warm up any of the public he can still fool and DEFLECT from the pesky Russian connection stories coming out. He has not “changed” – he does not “change” and look at the content – not the “I’m so sincere” soft voice or our lowered expectations that had us wondering how he got through an hour long speech without blowing it too bad. But as any Resister knows… watch what he does and has done and will do, not what he “says” with a “Believe me! I’m the only one who knows.” – He is not know for any kind of truth, except alternative truth.

    I know many others who did not watch this speech, and there were some truly offensive moments – One was the way he manipulated the mother of the fallen Navy Seal with claims that despite her son’s death that good intel was somehow collected so he did not die in vain. I have serious doubts that was true – it was a botched mission (and one Obama didn’t execute because he knew it was premature or other persistent problems with it). And the father is actually extremely critical of Trump and refused to attend at all because he has not fallen for Trump’s explanations. So to manipulate the mother that way I felt was, what’s that word? Deplorable! But the long applause during that moment was exactly what he was going for.

    I won’t go into the other offensive moments, this comment is too long!

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  3. not a bad article in the New Yorker on the ‘not-so-normal’ speech. today? yesterday? not sure when. Might get the taste of rotten herring out of your mouth, anyway. Always good to wash the day’s offensive consumptibles down with a stiff brew. point is, we know what the strategy is, right? time to show us the ‘scripted’ version of the man without rhetorical inhibition. Even he can control himself just long enough to try to win his constituency and score yet again against the enemies of the peops. this is all part of the standard script, isn’t it? any surprises? no.
    now, back to keeping our sanity. …. that one’s a bit tougher.
    keep at it with Sholzenitki-kitty, is my thought. [was that the dude? dude 2 in post on disentangling the lies]

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