For Fidgety Folks Fixin’ for a Fidgety Fix

Read an interesting CNBC article how a young kid (twenty-four is still a kid to an old dud of a fart like me) was able to make mucho dinero by stalking the fundraising sites, identifying which products are drawing in the investors, and then beating the fundraisers to market with knock-offs of what they are funding for.

Quite risky but, at least in this particular instance I was reading about, quite rewarding. It cost him less than $4.00 to bring his knocked-off product to market and he sells them for $24.99 $19.99.

Anyway, that’s cool and all. I’m all for commerce and profits… Money is nice.

Although, I’m sure that kid will find a place behind bars someday for something like, oh I don’t know… tax evasion or pyramid schemes or something of that corporate-raider-like spirit. Yeah, I know that’s negative, but I can tell just by reading about him that he has that I’m-fixin’-to-get-rich-no-matter-who-I-gotta-screw-or-screw-over-to-get-it twinkle in his eye.

But… the reason I’ve called this meeting is not just to discuss our budding Bernie Madoff, but to bring you to awareness of the type of product he “knocked-off” from Indiegogo.

He (He goes by the name of “Jack” in the article. He doesn’t want to use his real name because, well… apparently even he thinks he’s a crook.), “Jack,” calls his knock-off “Stress Cube.”

But instead of showing you his from his website of the same name — no, not… — I’m showing you one of the many bazillion other knock-offs on Amazon.

Not sure where the profits are found, but this #1 Best Seller with the less than elegant and somewhat stress-inducing name of Generic VHEM Fidget1 Cube Relieves Stress & Anxiety Attention Toy can be had for just $3.23.

I have an idea for a knock-off of these knock-offs where, to make it even more of a stress-relieving product, have you know who’s face painted on each fidget area.

Or better yet, forget the little cube thing and go straight for the You Know Who punching bag and go a few rounds knocking off his block.

That would go a long way to fixin’ my fidgetings…




4 thoughts on “For Fidgety Folks Fixin’ for a Fidgety Fix”

  1. These were originally designed to help kids with ADHD. We know or we were that kid in class who used to piss off the teacher because of the compulsive pen clicking or desk tapping. These “toys” help kids and adults who need that kind of fidgety motion in order to focus. The thought that some young Trumpette punk making a small fortune off of such an educational tool is sickening. I’ve no problem with a decent profit made off of an original idea. But what this kid is doing is akin to piracy.

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        1. I hear ya; however, in the pirate’s defense — unless there is a patent to prohibit it, it’s legal to make products similar to other products, like automobiles or dining utensils or any other countless commercialized commodity in the market place of good and bad necessities.



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