Since you ask I think this whole Donald…

Since you ask, I think this whole Donald Trump Russiagate investigation is a red herring, concocted by the intelligence agencies and Demoratic hawks to avoid debate on the rush toward war with Russia. I think it is a fishing expedition, like the Whitewater investigation in the 1990s. If you read the news accounts about Trump supporters’ allegedly suspicious contacts with Russians, you’ll notice that they all end with the admission that there is no actual proof anybody has done anything wrong.

Also, I think the best Hollywood movie of 2016 was “Hell or High Water.”


7 thoughts on “Since you ask I think this whole Donald…

  1. As for the Russian Red Herring, let’s start with the low hanging fruit: Flynn and Sessions lying about their contact with Russians? Just those two facts alone discount the notion that there is nothing going on. Nothing going on, then why lie under oath about it when there are investigations going on about everything that is going on with the bloody Russians. Come on, philebersole… Seriously?

    As for the Best Picture… I liked Hell or High Water but to me there wasn’t enough heft there to warrant a Best Picture Oscar. Although, if I had to choose between it and La La Land, I would def choose it.


  2. The problem with the chase after the Russian red herring is that Donald Trump meanwhile gets a free pass for his program, which consists of tax cuts for the rich, unlimited spending for the military, austerity for everybody else, privatization of public schools and infrastructure, free rein to abusive police and ICE agents—and that’s only part of the list.

    What happens to Democrats and progressives when they stake everything on finding Russians under the bed, and they come up with nothing?

    And suppose, for the sake of argument, they knock out Donald Trump on a technicality? Are Mike Pence, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell all that better.

    Here are some things to chew over.

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    1. I’ve written here in the past, for me, it’s not the politics I’m worried about — politics always sway to and fro and ideologues come and go. To me it is all about Trump, about how he employed noted Hitleresque tactics to come to power, and how, especially, entwined and beholden he is to Putin and Russia.

      I really enjoyed reading your well-written and cogent article “A propaganda war is not really a war.”

      Propaganda is what mostly the Cold War was fought with; so, if it, in and of itself is not a war, it definitely is a favored mind-altering weapon of choice for war-like posturing.

      Not only did Russia influence us with their propaganda — RT is the top-rated news channels by views on youtube — they committed cyberwar, a domain of warfare we are still grappling with as to manage respond within.

      Any American politician — or American in general — who is an apologist for that has some serious patriotic soul searching to do in my book.

      And the pressure on Trump re: Russia and his ties with it is already paying dividends as it seems he’s ready to cave on cooperation with them re: Syria, terrorism, etc.


  3. In my opinion the Russian connections is the most important story going on! It is slowly unravelling but will heat up when the FBI is finally subpoenaed to produce the info they obviously are stonewalling on providing to the investigation. On that cute little old man Jeff Sessions – the latest alleged victim of the liberal “witch-hunt” – this was something good I found today – Wonderful food for thought here –

    On movies – yes I now really want to check out hell or High Water on my Netflix !

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    1. I’ve been meaning to write more here about the deep state stuff — love the whole conspiratorial vibe about it — so will def check out the link.

      And thanks for the kind comment. Your site is an immeasurable resource, which of course is a testament to your intellect and talent — please feel free to post here as often as you’d like. FYI – if you’d like to post a standard formatted post with a title, toggle “Blog post” at the top of the edit box. It defaults to “Status update.”



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