So if not paying taxes means he’s smart…


Does it mean the Trump Monster is the opposite of smart since he paid over $35,000,000.00 in taxes for 2005?

Regardless, he remains a doofus either way.


For complete documents, visit MSNBC


So everyone who licks Trumps boots claim that Trump’s taxes are now a non-story and that Rachel Maddow was played big time.

I disagree.

To me these leaked tax documents are a big deal that provide us a lot to mull over.

First off…

The most obvious thing we learn is someone had to have leaked these documents because they mysteriously appeared anonymously in a reporter’s mailbox. Seeing how they are stamped “Client Copy” means the leak had to have been made by someone close to Trump, which would mean a lack of loyalty to him, which means a lot, such as even those Trump trusts feel a need to expose that which is being hidden from us by him; or it means either Trump ordered them to be leaked or leaked them himself, which means even more, such as that he knows that, despite his claim that no one cares about his taxes, we do, in fact, really care and that if he doesn’t get out in front of this there will be serious consequences later, starting with the planned protest on tax day.

Second off…

It’s only scraps of information, and probably the only scraps Trump could find from his tax returns that could put him even remotely in good light. These scraps don’t tell us where the money he “earned” came from. We will not be satisfied until we learn how he earned his money. He has a history of discrimination and evasion so in my view the fact that he is so reluctant to share his returns only makes him appear guilty of something nefarious.

And last off…

Since the scraps he released were from 2005, we must assume until proven differently, that it is after 2005 that the things he wants hidden from us the most, and which probably involve Russian ties, began to happen.


So even with these little self-indulgent tax return scraps of Trumps’, we have learned a lot. But mostly we learned…

There is still so much we’ve yet to learn.