What’s My Name, Again?

And here I thought it was going to be such a dramatic hassle to change the name of my novel from The Sea Trials of an Unfortunate Sailor to Inside the Skin.

I mean, I’ve been wanting to change it for quite a while now but kept putting it off thinking it would take a grand act of our dysfunctional Congress for it to happen.

But guess what?

Yup, you guessed it… it was a delicious piece of cake.

Seriously, for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), all I had to do was go in and edit the book details to reflect the new name. Same for Smashwords, the service I use to distribute my books beyond Amazon.

For the paperback, there was a bit more work involved…

Because I published the paperback through CreateSpace and, because of the IBSN requirements, CreateSpace does not allow name changes, your only recourse it to contact their support team for help.

Which I did.

And the woman who helped me was awesome, thankfully.

My choices were limited, however, which is to say, I only had one. I could unpublish/retire the old version of the book and then publish a whole new version. Once it went live, I would have to call back and have them link the print edition with the Kindle edition. Which I was prepared to do.

But then I asked a question somewhat off-topic.

I noticed a few weeks ago that my links pointing directly to my books at CreateSpace were being redirected to Amazon, so I asked the support lady about this. Come to find out, Amazon is merging all CreateSpace services within KDP. So I asked her if, since that would be happening soon, wouldn’t it be best if I use the new print service (that I noticed for the first time when I changed the Kindle title) that is now offered by KDP.

And she agreed, that def would be the best option since, once the print edition went live (which it now is), it would automatically be linked to the Kindle edition (which it now… is not (the nice CreateSpace support lady said it would take a few days for this to happen)).

Pretty cool.

So, the name change was the easy part.

The less than easy part was getting all the content spiffed up – front matter updated, new intro, new outro, et cetera, et cetera…

And the even more less than easy part was preparing the new book cover and getting it properly formatted and uploaded properly…

It wasn’t so much of a hassle with the Kindle and Smashwords editions, but it took some significant jiggering with the print edition.

However, I prevailed in the end and now everything is up and running (except at Smashwords… it takes them forever to approve books/changes and distribute them to all the retailers).

So, yeah…

It wasn’t a five minute project, that’s for sure…

But it wasn’t the project from Hades that I expected either.

Yeah, I know this Blink song is called “What’s my Age Again?” not “What’s my Name Again?” but just go with it, okay. This song’s been stuck in my head the entire time I’ve been working on the name change… but, of course, I’ve been singing it as What’s my name again?

Because that’s how I roll…



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