According to this, “The Trump administration apparently found [Peter Navarro, the little known stooge/fringe economist/mastermind behind Trump’s whacked-out trade war] after Jared Kushner, most likely thirsting for knowledge, searched for books about China on Amazon. There, he found Navarro’s “Death by China.”

My first experience with Navarro was seeing him interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. It was pretty scary. I’m not a fan of Fox News as a whole, but Wallace’s Fox New Sunday is always top-notch and holds all its guests accountable in my view. Wallace’s interview with Navarro was no exception — it gets pretty testy.

Navarro made a documentary based on his book, a book, it’s reported, that he carries around with him as he stalks the halls of the White House trying to scheme his way as close to Trump as he can get. Apparently, his scheming worked well, as evidenced by his ability to get Gary Cohn axed and the steel tariffs implemented.

Here’s the documentary. It’s long and I’m in the process of watching it. I’ll update this post with my thoughts of it, if any, after I finish… that is if it hasn’t forced me to rip my eyeballs out in anger first.

We’ll see. I consider myself rather hawkish on China so, despite Navarro’s quick rise to the top of the Trump Administration Stooge list, I’ll try to keep an open mind…



Featured photograph courtesy of Business Insider



2 thoughts on “Death by Stooges

  1. I haven’t read the book or seen the documentary, but right offhand I can think of two ways America lost its manufacturing base. One, cheap overseas labor. Two, “dumping” by foreign countries. There’s not much we could have done about the first, but we certainly can (and have) done something about the second.
    The interesting part will come when there are no more third world countries to supply cheap labor. Maybe it will all even out then???

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    1. Yeah, I always felt in the conspiratorial side of my gut that the Great Recession was a conspiracy to wipe out unions once and for all and deflate American workers’ wages to the point that it would be profitable for big business to bring manufacturing back. As for the video, I watched it and you’re right. Nothing new there as far as the cause of the decline of manufacturing, but delivered in a very incendiary way. Except for the fact he’s a Trump stooge, I have no argument with Navarro’s argument against China.



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