David Gaughran

So, as I near the completion of my new novel, I’ve been investing much time lately in that most unfortunate of necessities that every self-respecting self-publishing author must invest in – marketing research.


Marketing is something of which I detest greatly and something at which I fail miserably.

Fortunately for me, however, in my quotidian research for marketing excellence, I stumbled upon (whatever happened to StumbleUpon anyway?) a publishing and marketing guru named, you guessed it…

David Gaughran.

I stumbled upon this dude, not so much by chance, but because I kept seeing him referenced as a marketing expert by many of the legit publishing sites I tend to haunt.

So, yes, me being the impressionable youth that I am, I decided to check this Gaughran dude out to see for myself what all the hoopla is about.

Like the sites I rely on for my publishing needs, I found he too is as legit as they make him out to be.

Not only does he have a site chock full of useful information, he gives away a free book, upon signing up for his newsletter of course, called AMAZON DECODED, which itself is chock full of pertinent marketing information that I was able to put to immediate use for my last novel INSIDE THE SKIN (formerly The Sea Trials of an Unfortunate Sailor).

As a result of what I learned from AMAZON DECODED, my novel INSIDE THE SKIN, a book which I have been giving away at Amazon (and all other outlets) for months, is now trending upward mightily in downloads.

For free books, it is currently #1 in LGBT Literary Fiction, #2 in Literary Humor, and #2 for Literary Satire.

Onward and upward, no?

Or is it onward and downward, as is free downloads?


This discovery of Gaughran came at a perfect time; for, like I said, I hope to have my next novel completed in a month or so, which means I will be starting all the fun (read: annoying) tried and true (read: stale) marketing ploys soon. Tricks like:

– Book Cover reveals (ugh!)
– Beta Readers outreach (double ugh!)
– and other such ughful whatnot

So, yeah, stay tuned for all that forthcoming delight.

And while you anxiously await the release of my next book, you might want to bone up on your own marketing ploys at David’s site.




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