While Waiting for the Release of My Next Novel…

Now that you’ve pre-ordered a copy of my latest novel The Good Kill

Uhm, you have pre-ordered it, right?


Of course you have.

Anyway, while you impatiently await the novel’s release on July 1, 2019, may I recommend that you fill the time between now and then by reading my first novel, Inside the Skin?

It’s a good read…

At least that’s what two out of three of my children tell me.

The third hasn’t yet mustered up the gumption to read it as of yet so his opinion is still yet to be determined.

But I’m pretty sure he’ll enjoy it as well.

As I am equally sure you, too, will.

So, why don’t you go ahead and give it a read while you wait?

And if you prefer to not pay the cost, send me an email through the contact page and I’ll send you a complimentary copy right back.

No, really.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Boot Camp didn’t join the navy to be a hero or to perform courageous acts—that was hardly his character—he joined simply to prove to himself, and to others, that he has what it takes to be a sailor, a real sailor.

However, after reporting to his first duty station, a laid-up warship filled with a disgruntled crew who welcomes him aboard with a brutal hazing and violent displays of homophobia and harassment, he quickly learns that to become that sailor of his ideals, a real sailor, he would have to step outside his true nature and put himself into harm’s way to achieve those ideals.

But after Flavor—Boot Camp’s only true shipmate and an eccentric nonconformist who, himself, had to learn to navigate the dangerous and sometimes deadly waters of homophobia and harassment—is discharged from the navy, Boot Camp is left on his own to face the hazards that await him.

Alone, he has to find that courage and strength so uncommon to him and stand up for his own self, his own identity, and fight for what is right, regardless the rules, and regardless how dangerous and deadly the costs may be.

You can happily and easily purchase Inside the Skin right here.

Oh, and after reading, please don’t forget to leave a review for me. It will be much appreciated and it will certainly help with the release of my next novel, regardless how you decide to rate it.

Thanks, buddy.



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