In the coming months — maybe weeks, perhaps even days! — the hyoid bone will be a major star in a slew of thriller novels that are now under development and/or are now under frantic rewrites to accommodate its unique and (tattle)tale-inspiring characteristics.

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13 Replies to “Prediction”

  1. You know, I’m not much for conspiracy theories but people were predicting this shit even before Epstein died. I was reading posts about how this was going to happen…the day before it happened.

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  2. You’re probably right, but again the US public will be focusing towards the wrong direction. They will think that it was the CIA or the FBI or the Secret Service, some secret cabal of powerful and rich people or another big conspiracy. Whatever sells newspapers. Nobody will think its maybe themselves. Or that the guy just committed suicide to avoid being publicly nailed at the pillory and had a mandatory 25 years prison term ahead as a sex offender.
    In most other countries they think that a teenager can consent to sex at age of 16 and drive a car at age 18. In the US they believe opposite. Most people outside the US believe that saving is better then maxing credit cards. In the US; the more credits you can balance, the better your credit score. One without a credit (card) is suspicious.
    And now we’re moving in difficult territory; the #me too. Did any of this woman, girls and, on rare occasions, young men, really didn’t have any choice to give in to some pillow talk or was it “the american dream” that was thrusting them? The US citizens look into the wrong direction for the causes of the social entropy in their society. And Trump isn’t the cause either, but a mere symptom.

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  3. You managed to wrap much around that frail hyoid bone of a post of mine, cryptomathecian, breaking it down into more telltale parts than I ever could have imagined for it at its humorous inception.

    Yes, you are correct that we USofAmericans as a society have many, many daunting and seemingly insurmountable challenges before us… apathy and self-hatred being chief among them. May I ask what place of origin is yours cryptomathecian, a place of which I must assume you are proud and regard as exemplary in the matters of which you speak?

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          1. Sorry. Don’t know what happened. When I click on the link it worked. If you’re still curious, you can check my post about modern nomads of Dec 19, 2018. Thank you for following up on this issue. No power to the idiots.



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