Racism as Redefined by Chuck Woolery


Well, being an idiot is one way to remind people you’re still alive…

Probably not the best way but it is a way because the fact that this idiot still existed on this pretty but oh so petulant planet of ours had not entered into my blissfully ignorant consciousness for an indeterminate but blissfully plentiful amount of time.

At least the comment responses to his idiotic racist tweet are fun.


Way to represent asshole.




24 Replies to “Racism as Redefined by Chuck Woolery”

      1. Its hard to have an honest discussion in 140 characters or less. It’s real easy though to rant and shoot off vague one-liners in that many spaces. I love the long-form of blogging because I’m a reader and writer at heart.

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          1. I agree. I think it’s because people are losing their ability to read longform somewhat. Don’t quote me on that, I believe that education in this POS country is a joke. Sorry for the rant. I’m just getting tired.

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  1. I’m trying to remember who Chuck Woolery is/was, besides a talking head. I’m thinking he was a game show host…or maybe a presenter of a show about things caught on hidden camera. Either way, eminently forgettable. Now I know, for good reason.

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  2. I haven’t heard of him or heard from him perhaps he classes himself as right wing one thing is certain he is a racist to a greater or lesser extent just like we all are.
    Humans are tribal and have been for at least hundred thousand years or longer . The first tribe is the family then the wider circle of friends and finally , in the modern world , the nation. The old wise saying ‘ birds of a feather flock together ‘ sums it up and I expect there was a time when we cooked and feasted on our enemies.


      1. Our behaviour is only held in check by the law , look what happens when law breaks down as in war zones.
        A little alcohol can open a violent streak go to any public house and there it is , riots are always breaking out somewhere or other. We know how we should behave but something inside instinctively breaks out . We are not totally governed by cool reason and we are not completely in control of our own actions. ‘Lord of the flies ‘ created a storm when it was published but children are not innocent beings. Recently Steven Pinker has argued against ‘The ‘ Clean Slate’


        1. You still didn’t answer my question as to what’s your point. Why do you feel it more important to stress and remind us of the horrible behavior humans are capable of committing, acting as if we don’t have thinking brains and are unable to control ourselves, instead of condemning the horrible behavior that some humans choose to commit? A la the racist tweet that Chuck Woolery chose to publish. Is it a goal of yours to provide some cover for these thinking humans who choose to behave so horribly?


  3. You are right it is horrible but potentially in all of us because we carry a huge evolutionary baggage as pointed out by Mr Pinker. We must not stick our heads in the sand and deny our darker side which is so evident all around us.
    Of course we have hospitals , homes for the dying (at least in the rich nations ) and there are exceptional humans who live their lives in the service of others.The moral spectrum of humanity is vast and I suspect it takes the form of a bell curve rather like the IQ bell curve.



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