We Should Be Dancing… Not Dying

With all the constant blood and violence in this constantly bloody and violent nation of mine, a la yesterday’s insane mass killing after a gun-toting asshole goes off his nutty handle during a routine traffic stop, I hardly feel like getting my groove on.

But get my groove on I must or else I will become completely consumed by the constant blood and violence and do nothing more than wallow in a constant state of misery and fear…

Sunday’s Song to Spark the Spirit and Summon the Moves of the Dance



8 thoughts on “We Should Be Dancing… Not Dying

  1. I live in Maryland & every single morning when I turned on the news last week, there were reports of shootings & killings from the night before. Every. Single. Morning. I hear you!! Dance it all away, the anger, confusion, & fear. All of it!!

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  2. I was shot at once in the dark and thankfully I can still blow a raspberry and say “Yar Boo, yer missed!” I didn’t hang around and was in an Usain Bolt mode all the way back to the car. I hate guns.

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