THE GOOD KILL is now available on NetGalley

Hello all you awesome book reviewing soldiers of the vast and noble NetGalley army, I come before you to respectfully request that you give my latest release a looksie and see if its something you’d be interested in reviewing.

It can be viewed on NetGalley here.

A former Navy SEAL turned vigilante hitman already in the crosshairs of corrupt Russian agents finds himself in even deeper trouble after rescuing a sex trafficking victim against her will just as she is about to be delivered into the hands of an unscrupulous corporate mogul, an impetuous and dangerous man who will not be denied his purchase. . .

I’ve wanted to get my books on NetGalley for quite a long time but it has always been cost prohibitive for me. Fortunately, thanks to me being both a big fan and customer of Kindlepreneur and their awesome tools and services, I learned through an article of theirs about a service called BooksGoSocial, one that is dedicated to helping authors promote their work. One way they do this is through a partnership with NetGalley that conveniently allows them to submit books to the site at a significantly reduced cost to authors and publishers. And not only are BooksGoSocial services completely affordable as they are, I was able to get a discount code for my initial membership through Kindlepreneur that knocked another 40% off.

Who’s the lucky boy?

Yours truly, that’s who.

Anyway, as a disclaimer I’m not getting anything from NetGalley, BooksGoSocial, or Kindlepreneur for promoting their services here, it’s just something I thought you all might like to know, you know.

That’s just how I roll, yo.

3 Replies to “THE GOOD KILL is now available on NetGalley”

  1. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing it. Please post some feedback after you’ve been on it for a while. I looked into NetGalley and choked at the price, so I’d be extremely interested to see if you find it worthwhile.

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