4 thoughts on “THE GOOD KILL – A Review by Peyton Hammond

  1. The task of attempting to get reviewers has been eye opening and frustrating. I still don’t quite understand why so many people refuse to do the simple courtesy of responding, even if that response is no. To be left hanging and wondering if your message got lost in a spam black hole or if it is just being ignored is so frustrating. Do you send a second email in case they didn’t get the first one? Do you just assume they saw it and didn’t want to read? I have had some agree to review and never heard back after I sent a book. Again, do you contact them about it? I have also had some truly amazing people step forward for me. A couple have been incredible enough to refuse a review copy, purchasing one to read instead. Who turns down a free book that you want to read?!

    This whole process has made me really look at how I interact with people approaching me and why I now have a very explicit review policy with a promise to respond to every email and a time frame to expect that response because spam DOES happen. While most of those responses have been “sorry, outside of my preferred genre” at least the person approaching me knows I’ve seen their message.

    I’m a fast reader and often get to books on my list quickly. This is probably one of the bigger reasons why I’ve never attempted to join any kind of reading club or group. I’d get way too impatient waiting for everyone to catch up when I’ve finished the whole book in about a day. That and I’ll have gone on to read a dozen before they finish the one and I’ll start to feel a bit lost if I don’t read it again to be able to participate.

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  2. Yeah, I haven’t yet intentionally sent a second email, nor do I think I ever will; although, I’m pretty sure I have unintentionally sent another request one or two times. Happily, there are so many book reviewers out there I don’t think I’ll need to double back and try again with the same book to those who failed to answer my request the first time either out of choice or out of being spam foiled.

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