Huzzah for ManyBooks

You may remember me whining about how my feelings were hurt because ManyBooks and Shelf Awareness never responded to queries I had sent to them over a week-and-a-half ago.

Well, today I’m pleased to report that I received a very kind email from a Ms. Lisa of ManyBooks apologizing to me for not responding to my query in a timely manner and thanking me for bringing the error on their website to their attention.

I truly appreciate that.

But what I appreciate most about the email is that Lisa took complete ownership of the oversight, explaining that it was her responsibility alone to reach out to me and that, after correcting the error on the website that I pointed out to them in my email, she forgot to email me back, plain and simple.

I tell ya, in this sad day and age of cowardly finger pointing and blame slinging, Lisa’s transparent honesty and the sincerity with which it was sent are refreshing indeed.

Thanks, ManyBooks. You’re back on the cool list.

Ehem, Shelf Awareness…

Your move.


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