THE GOOD KILL is now available at BookSirens

Hey, if you’re looking for a hip, as in cool, place to find and review cool, as in hip, books, look no farther than the hip and cool book review site BookSirens

Which of course is even more hip and cool since it is now hosting a book by yours truly.


And if you’re not yet a member but would still like to take the opportunity to download The Good Kill from BookSirens…

Then please use this link right here >>

So, what brought me to BookSirens you ask?

Good question. Let me explain…

A few weeks ago, after becoming distraught and exhausted from continually searching for individual book review bloggers and requesting, in a mostly futile effort, that they read and review my book, I began searching the various internets for book review sites where I could pay to have my book listed in the hope book reviewers would happily and frequently choose to read and review it.

Long story short, the sites I was considering didn’t work out; thankfully, however, my friend Shanza kindly responded to post and introduced me to BookSirens, and the rest as they say is…

History in the making.

It was a fairly easy process to get The Good Kill listed with BookSirens– I just filled out their short, online questionnaire about my book; waited for them to check the book out to make sure it meets their standards; and then, after I uploaded a .mobi, .epub, and .pdf files of the book to the site, and after they charged me the $10.00 listing fee, voila, my book was live, ready and willing to be downloaded for one’s reading and reviewing pleasure.

Now, there are additional costs other than the $10.00 listing fee.

Each time a reviewer downloads my book I will be charged $2.00. It doesn’t sound like much but if you were to have a book popular with the site’s reviewers, it could quickly add up.

But not to worry since you can put limits on how many downloads you are willing to pay for.

What makes BookSirens stand out among the other book review sites is their claim that their book reviewers have a 75% review rate of the books they download.

That’s pretty awesome.

I am not aware of any other book review sites making such claims.

As reported, I also have my book listed with NetGalley, and even as expensive as it is to list directly with them (I list through BooksGoSocial which provides a very significant discount), there are no statistics that I have found which states the rates at which their downloaded books are actually reviewed.

I do know that The Good Kill has been listed on NetGalley for close to two months now. I receive a very comprehensive Excel spreadsheet report from BooksGoSocial identifying the number of times my book was downloaded, when it was downloaded, and by whom (including email address). Unfortunately, the report is delivered only once a month. As of last month, my book was downloaded over forty times. As of yet, of those downloads I have gotten only two reviews… and one DNF (for being too violent).

Since my NetGalley listing is through BooksGoSocial, I don’t know what type of statistical reporting authors who list directly with NetGalley get.

Perhap’s it’s similar to BookSirens’, where the statistics are listed right in my account dashboard.

I’ve only been active with BookSirens for two days now, but it seems the statistics are updated once every 24 hours.

Screenshot of my BookSirens dashboard

Well, we’ll have to wait to see how it goes.

I’ll report back to you accordingly.


5 Replies to “THE GOOD KILL is now available at BookSirens”

  1. I haven’t heard of this service. I would check it out if I wasn’t about 200 books behind on my review list! I have a goal to be caught up by the end of the year. I am the eternal optimist. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

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