Giving Season Giveaway

On this turkey-filled day full of thanks and gratitude, I would like to express just how much I appreciate that you are willing to hang out as often as you do with me here.

Yours truly is one grateful turkey, that’s for sure.

And as a means of expressing my gratitude to you for hanging out here with me, I come bearing gifts…

Beginning with the beginning of Black Friday (midnight tonight) and ending with the ending of Cyber Monday (12:01am Tuesday, December 03, 2019)

You can purchase from Amazon for free all Kindle editions of my books.

And you can do so by clicking right here.

That’s right, all of ’em.

Not a bad way to kick of the Giving Season, eh.

And if you’re looking for an even better deal of free, I’m giving away signed print editions of my books to my Newsletter Love subscribers.

If you’re not a subscriber but would like to snag signed print copies of my books for your own, check out the latest newsletter to learn how and then subscribe to participate.

Gobble gobble gobble, yo.


5 Replies to “Giving Season Giveaway”

    1. Thanks brother. Just finished thoroughly stuffing myself and am now watching football -the correct kind played with feet and more and that is actually fun to watch – like the good US of American I am…




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