I Look into my (Keto) Crystal Ball (of Dough)…

And I see a delectable future ahead of me.

Italian Raviolis (ketoized) looking strikingly similar to Japanese Gyoza under pasta sauce

Where’re all my keto sisters and brothers at?!


11 Replies to “I Look into my (Keto) Crystal Ball (of Dough)…”

  1. I’ve been Keto/IF for three years. The best Keto Pizza is when you use cauliflower to make the crust. I’ve been using Dr Eric Berg’s advice from YouTube. He now has a recipe section of his channel. I’ve tried and made all his recipes, which are easy and delicious. I don’t use flour, sugar or eat anything with these ingredients. I hope you check him out. Stay safe and healthy.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve hopped on and off the keto wagon a couple times now. I do it for the focusing effect it has on my brain. I take a small dose of chemo every day as a prophylactic so I always seem to be shrouded in a chemo fog. Unfortunately, keto scrambles my stomach up pretty good so I get tired of it and step off it every now and again.



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