Poetry is for Girls

I may occasionally write the junk, but rarely do I read it. And it is not because I don’t like it that I rarely read it… It’s because it, the really good stuff anyway, is so durn hard to read. I’m talking Poetry here… Poetry with a big, bold capital P. And it is so […]

Poetry Is My Balm

Many of the haiku and other poems in Short Verses & Other Curses were written as a therapeutic balm in response to my cancer. I don’t know why or how I survived all that nonsense but I suspect writing the poems helped at least a little. Recent events make it seem to me that my […]

GLITTERS OF BLISS! | A Relating to Humans Poetry Feature

GLITTERS OF BLISS! by Priyanki   If the clouds could come & give me a ride I would sit on them & sway away in delight And ask them to take me in their cozy coat Covering me all in the softness galore Ask them to take me in the world up away High up […]

Kicking the Year Off – Write: Poetry

Another day has passed Another year has passed And, woe, others shall pass anon Who amongst us needs such a curse As that which forever to us will elude As that which forever to us will delude Yea, instead, choose to seek thine peace In that which shan’t ne’er forsake For ’tis thy present ~~~~ […]

BOUND TO LEAVE: A Relating to Humans Poetry Feature by Gordon (RoughTradeEditor)

Bound to Leave What a beautiful sunset, I thought. I used to hate people who enjoyed shit like this, but I didn’t realize there is beauty in distance and hope in somewhere else.   roughtradeblog.wordpress.com   You can share your experiences Relating to Humans by visiting here.    

Poetry Archive

NEAR GROWN by Pleasant Street geletilari.wordpress.com I will miss this the worrying about you middle of the night Miss being the one you lean on little boy now taller than I sometimes I lean on you when I’m tired, and you don’t mind how good you will be to someone when you are fully grown […]


Even though I have had two or three “PRO” Tips lined up in draft form for quite a while now, I feel compelled to get this one out before them, even though (Hmm, how ’bout that – two “even thoughs” in one sentence. If this redundant redundancy offends you, please submit your redundant complaints about […]

You know, I pretty much live in the WP Reader’s #writing and #poetry tags…

And, you know what… It almost hurts, all the beauty and creativity that flows through it… I mean, it’s hard to comprehend it all… Not just the volume of it all… But the Harmony of it all… A Creative Chorus of one perfectly tuned mindbendingly mesmerizing Koan of a Song… Zen in creative motion… Man… […]


I’m happy to announce the release of my fifth book, a short story collection entitled: LEAVE: And Other Stories Short and Shorter. Within the collection, there are 30 stories new and old. Some are short in length as are traditional short stories, and some are shorter in length, as are the more contemporary flash fiction […]