Poetry is for Girls

I may occasionally write the junk, but rarely do I read it. And it is not because I don’t like it that I rarely read it… It’s because it, the really good stuff anyway, is so durn hard to read. I’m talking Poetry here… Poetry with a big, bold capital P. And it is so […]

Poetry Is My Balm

Many of the haiku and other poems in Short Verses & Other Curses were written as a therapeutic balm in response to my cancer. I don’t know why or how I survived all that nonsense but I suspect writing the poems helped at least a little. Recent events make it seem to me that my […]

Poetry Archive

NEAR GROWN by Pleasant Street geletilari.wordpress.com I will miss this the worrying about you middle of the night Miss being the one you lean on little boy now taller than I sometimes I lean on you when I’m tired, and you don’t mind how good you will be to someone when you are fully grown […]


Even though I have had two or three “PRO” Tips lined up in draft form for quite a while now, I feel compelled to get this one out before them, even though (Hmm, how ’bout that – two “even thoughs” in one sentence. If this redundant redundancy offends you, please submit your redundant complaints about […]


I’m happy to announce the release of my fifth book, a short story collection entitled: LEAVE: And Other Stories Short and Shorter. Within the collection, there are 30 stories new and old. Some are short in length as are traditional short stories, and some are shorter in length, as are the more contemporary flash fiction […]

LEAVE: And Other Stories Short and Shorter

Within this collection, there are 30 stories new and old. Some are short in length as are traditional short stories, and some are shorter in length, as are the more contemporary flash fiction stories. Some were written as recently as this past winter; others, as long ago as the early ’90s. Many have been published […]

The Absurdity That Isn’t

  I’m not a philosopher despite the fact that it is my belief that everyone with a thinking brain, and especially those without, is one, whether it be as a witting one or not. No, I’m not a Philosopher, despite my occasional philosophizing about philosophical stuff, in the same regard that I’m not a Poet, […]

Why Write, Dammit?!

I’m not a very good writer, by which I don’t only mean it in regards to what I’ve written, but also and mostly to how I’ve written. The act of writing pains me and I’ll pretty much do anything mostly legal I can to get myself out of it. I guess the best way to […]


Last year, after struggling unsuccessfully to break through the fast-growing self-publishing market, Retired navy veteran and leukemia survivor Kurt Brindley made a decision on a whim to try his hand at adapting one of his short stories into a screenplay. That whim proved for him to be a most fortunate one.


DONATE TO SUPPORT MY WOMEN’S ISSUES SHORT FILM AND PROMOTE YOUR WORK? AND WILL YOU… SUBMIT YOUR HUMAN-RELATING WORK TO THESE HUMAN-RELATING FEATURES? Moral Issues Religious Issues Philosophical Issues Political Issues Criminal Justice Issues Health Issues Mental Health Issues Relationship Issues Race Issues Women’s Issues LGBT Issues Reviews Flash Fiction Poetry Photography Music Film Art […]

Two Marines walked into a bar…

…and the Sailor ducked. Ba dum bump! #militaryhumor Okay, just a couple of quick announcements while I’ve got your attention. I am overwhelmed with happiness and joy now that it is Spring, and because of all the wonderful submissions we’ve received to the Relating to Humans Women’s Issues feature in celebration of Women’s History Month. […]