Trump says “Bing!”

(I know, instead of having fun I should be going off on the latest news about the gaining credibility of the Russian dossier on Trump, or that he and/or his team may have had colluded with Russia in their attempt to sway the election, or how he, Don the Deal Artisan Extraordinaire, just got rolled by the Chinese; however, I can’t get enough of these montage videos showing how ridiculous Trump is and I would love to see someone make a video of him binging in time with his accordion playing.)



Non-Partisan Parodistic Humor

Since we’re all inevitably doomed anyway, be it by a #trumpocalypse risen freedom eating zombie tomorrow, or by an angel-stroked sweet Good Night (God is Good, right… I mean, God is “good”, I suppose, but the word “good” also is “God” … Right? That’s where the word “good” came from, right? Directly from God? Right? Ah, good god maybe not…) fifty-years from now, we all might as well laugh together as we march happily toward our demise…