Piddling Over An Abstraction

Have you got five minutes to spare? No? No time, you say? Okay, if you had the time, what would you do with it? Take your time and think. I'm in no rush for I, personally, have all the time in the world. Please stop looking at your watch phone. Try to judge time's movement … Continue reading Piddling Over An Abstraction


Why does it seem stars from my generation* have such a hard time staying alive?

What gives, yo? I mean, life's a bitch and all but come on Gen Xers, don't let all that depressing music from the Nineties go to your head... Or your heart. Man**... I tell ya, last year we lost such notable Gen Xers as Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell*** and, before them, Scott Weiland a … Continue reading Why does it seem stars from my generation* have such a hard time staying alive?

Scott Weiland

I Killed Scott Weiland?

  I killed him? You killed him? We all killed him? It's what we do? It's what we think? It's our expectations? It's what you expect of me? It's what I expect of you? Your expectations are killing me? My expectations are killing you? Self-fulfilling Prophecies? I talk a lot about living here. And dying … Continue reading I Killed Scott Weiland?

While we were watching the Academy Awards show…

ISIS was blowing up a nearly century-old library in Mosul, Iraq, destroying 8000 rare books and manuscripts in the process. Now the chances were near a perfect zero that I would have visited this annihilated library or read even one of the burned manuscripts... So why do I feel so upset by this, yet another … Continue reading While we were watching the Academy Awards show…

Just do it, yo!

UPDATE: Look, I get it and I'm sorry. I understand that there are forms of depression so severe that asking someone who suffers from such to do what I'm saying needs to be done in this insensitive post would be like asking a quadriplegic to hop out of her wheelchair and go for an invigorating … Continue reading Just do it, yo!

Remember the Nineties…

Back when both music and movies were awesome. I saw an oh-so-true meme (or whatever those little poster-thingies are that mostly gush with quirky sayings...and cats) bouncing around the internet the other day that said something to the effect: I still think the Nineties were a decade ago What the heck? And they aren't? Anyway... … Continue reading Remember the Nineties…